Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jennifer Cooke with Robert Englund in V

Robert Englund and Jennifer Cooke in V 


  1. Mmm... love me some Jennifer Cooke. lol

  2. To the top poster, BloodyHeroics:

    Yeah she was a cutie-pie for al of lie three years back then, but try not to get your hopes up now, bro. :) She profer living in obscurity like most of us now and when contacte for autographs a few years bac, I believe our own Jack got like two VERY overly pissed-off, disrespectful letters back from her, even demanding to know where he obtained hew then-current address. And he basically had to tell her book book or drink book writing ass to calmdown & to lighten the Hell up for Christ sakes.

    Its written about here on the site somewhere, I believe, if the story of the autographs was ported over.

  3. Well, she may've had a bug up her ass at the time, but I'd say she's coming around like a lot of these old favorites that slipped under the radar. She's in the new documentary that's due out this year (I think, anyway), so she clearly embraced her F13 past at long last. Granted, it's probably all due to what they offered her for the interview lol, but whatever. So many of these folks finally come up for air when they realize they can make easy money off of fans at conventions. I'm not saying she'll go that far herself, but many ultimately do after shunning such a notion for years on end. The almighty dollar always wins lol.

    It does suck that she was rude to Jack, but that's the inherent danger of dealing with celebrities, full-fledged famous or fringe. You never know what you're going to get. I myself have grown to prefer leaving well enough alone with that type of stuff, as I generally prefer my idea of what people may be like opposed to how they actually are lol. Next thing you know, a bad encounter soils your feelings toward the art they're associated with and you fucking hate it because they're an asshole. Not worth it IMO.

    And for what it's worth, a recent pic of her surfaced from the documentary interview shortly after it was conducted. She still looks pretty damn good to me.

  4. Yeah I can see many points to it. For the most part, I love escapeist entertainment such as:

    Giallo horror films, past decades horror such as zombie epics & retro slasher horror films & a few selected cult films plus classic cinema. Like Last Tango in Paris or a lot of seminal '70s cinema & assorted cult films or escapeist Comic-Book adaption films; well now the better crop of them, anyway. :)

    And yeah I'll never attend a Comic-Con in San Diego or anything or a genre film convention. I just plain feel that many of them are just plain over-talked about a certain franchise (Dear God, HOW much of her life must that Heather Legenkamp gal have to talk about her three NOES films? Poor once quite lovely gal *sobs*) and about a certain sequence such as the hot nurses in the superior Halloween II and the like, ect?

    And I'm not gonna lie: I'm type of Cinephile & film collector that just plain doesn't like or 'get' being an autograph hound and seeing what all they're worth, but hey, that is all cool. :) I also wouldn't wanna have to pay for their free time, which is normally under an under two minute brief encounter or not, ya know? To me its just socially acceptance C-grade Prostitution. I mean I have severe Asperger's Synrome and I'm not gonna pay for a nice hotel room for two days of a weekend for like a CrypticCon or a MonsterMania and get some new clothe from a shopping center in order to meet some retro C-grade celebs even if they're smokin' hot & I dig'em or super respect the dudes. I would much rather admire them from a ditance, ya know? And many of these very 'celebs', such as a Tom Savini, has like a 70/30 "prick-to-some days-being-a-nice-guy" ratio that I just think "Meh, fuck it--I'l just buy the true art that is the film & admire & respect them from a distant. I just plain don't care enough to also pay to get into the con, too".