Monday, February 11, 2013

Harry Crosby Today

Harry Crosby with Wynton Marsalis (left)
from: Panache Mag
Harry Cosby's "Bill" is one of the most memorable characters in the Friday the 13th franchise, and to this day   when Alice stumbles upon his body pinned to the door with arrows is one of the most iconic moments in horror history. After the movie he went on to graduate from Fordham University.

He went on NBC in 2001 speaking with Matt Lauer about the World Trade Center attacks that he was an eye-witness to:
The fire was tremendous int he first building, the North most tower, and people could not escape, I think, the heat. [...] And there were an enormous amount of people that jumped from the building. 
They were jumping in pairs. They were jumping-- it was raining people. 
Today it's hard to say what Harry is doing, but I do know that he is a partner with Snow-Phipps. He also seems to be involved with the arts as shown in the above photo where he was the co-chairperson for the Jazz at the Lincoln Center's Spring Gala in 2008 and below at the New York City Opera Fete in 2011.

Harry Crosby in with Olivia Flatto
from: New York Social Diary 
Harry Crosby in Friday the 13th


  1. Whoa very cool bro! It is nice to have some modern HD photos here to click on. That was a nice touch! And I can tel that he still has money since he's still on the East Coast and with his father's name & all and with the high thread count nice looki' suites and quite obviously with being involved in Art Dealing and the like, ect.

    He seems like such a nice lad. And reportedly doesn't mind talkin' about the original 1980 release original cult classic Friday most of the time, so yeah, more power to'em. :)

    1. I also had good experience writing him years back. I heard he's really cool, but also can be very staunch.

  2. Ah really?

    Cool, cool. ;-) I estimated that he was a ver cool kat. Hopefully he'll do some interview pieces for the fine for what it is 1980 film one of these years if he isn't too busy makin' all of that fine art dealing money. :D