Saturday, February 23, 2013

Behind the Scenes Shot of the Part III Mask

Richard Brooker in Stan Winston's Jason Voorhees makeup
I'm not sure where I got this photo at, but I found it on my old external hard drive.

It's obviously Richard Brooker in the Jason Voorhees mask made by Stan Winston that was used throughout the entire movie (aside from the very end) and can be seen in the early barn scenes, at Harold & Edna's, and of course the alternate ending.

Use of the Stan Winston mask in the barn


  1. This is pure awesome! I love Winston's makeup and it's a shame it wasn't used for the big reveal at the end. I still sort of "get" why the other iteration was used instead and like it just as much in a different way, but this look had a definite "movie monster" kind of vibe going for it and deserved to be seen in full. I suppose that very quality may indeed be what ultimately worked against it in favor of a more deformed, inbred-looking guise, but still. It's a tremendously wicked makeup and I hope one day the alternate ending surfaces in its entirety for all to see. The Bohr and Crash busts of this look are absolute masterpieces in their own right.

  2. Whoa, dude man GREAT hard drive find!!!

    Like seriously! onerful, rare shot and in surprisingly great quality. While Douglas J. White's work is fine, I personally never had a real problem with Stan's original sculpted work which many fetl was "a bit too much like a monster".

    Mean while by the next one for The Final Chapter's Savini F/X wor, the final make-up scultped for Mr. White's larger face never fullt sat wel with me, I'm not lying. Yes I love both films, flaws & all, but TFC mold ultimately was a bit too much alien-like for moi.

    But alas to each their own. And the rip off of Part 1 ending is one of the few things that I don't like about Part 3-D. itch factor & all it is still one of my most favorite installments & I wish that they had went with the original scripted & shot ending. Ah well, ya can't win'em all.

  3. To Bloody:

    Indeed I would have prefered it too, but ultimate the proucer's felt that it was indeed"a bit too monter like & not what we're going for", so Douglas J. White & Kenny Myers and others had to sculpt somethin' a bit more Savini-like modeled after watching the first movie on BetaMax I believe.

    I also agree that the quality in the late/great Ms. Winston's wor is near flawles. He has nothin' at all to be ashamed of here. :)