Wednesday, February 20, 2013

C. J. Graham Speaks at the Grand Opening of the Thunder Valley Casino

C. J. Graham (Friday the 13th: Part VI), general manager of the Thunder Valley Casino, speaks at the grand opening July, 2010.   Here's the entire gallery from the grand opening ceremony.

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  1. Yeah, seems like he's doin' quite good for himself these days. HE alo quite obviously takes very, very well good care of himself, too. He's a cut dude for an older gentleman, especially.

    Anyway he is far from my favorite Jason -- even a the first undead one -- as I never fully warmed up to Part VI's sense of ry/oddball humor or his inaccuate for its tie period costume, but in his mild defense that was the make-up FX department or costume designer of Maria Mancuso's fault. Not Mr. Graham's.

    He was ase to do a good of its time "modern Terminator" mid '80s era Jason from writer/director Tmo McLaughlin, and I feel he delivered. So yeah I repect him. He did good movement for the overly long hour he had to work in Covington, Georgia and for its usual overly long hours & budget and such, ect.