Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jason in Da Burbs (2010 Fan Film)

I got into my old broken hard drive and salvaged this fan film that I shot in 2010. it is not the "final" edit, where there was a different kill scene. Maybe if I can get into my other hard drive I can post that one. I deleted all of my raw footage to make room for MP3s, so this is it.

The clothes hanging was an intentional Part III nod.


  1. Ya know I was prepared for the worst, but I loved how ya'll kinda didn't take it at all seriously & even spoofed it with the opening of "Another shitty fan film" with stolen Manfredinni music, odly amusing set-ups, ect.

    I dug it for what it was a lot and I NORMALLY LOATHE genre fan films of send-ups, but this was an amusing way to more or less slay over nine minutes. It was pretty cool. Plus being from a cleaner southern suburbanite sub-division I always had an oddl little fascination with the suburbs anyhow. *playful shrugs*. Kinda hard to explain. Anywho well done, bro! :)

    1. This was not even the final edit, which was shorter and we have the killing onscreen, etc.

  2. Oh its cool, I read that in the description. :)

    And yeha for a fan film, I dug it--it was short & super silly. :) I personally DO NOT like most fan films, though--I'm so sorry but far many are WAY too Pathetic & Under-Budgeted.
    Not to mention flatly director or edited & acted bad. BUT I DO applaude many young film makers that wanna shoot on 35mm one day to keep practicing! :D

  3. i am not a fan of fan films but i can see true devotion in this but it is still bad lmao

  4. hey!! I did not know u were the one who did this blog!! I follow ur youtube!! I remember when u first posted this fan film and it is a lot different than the one I saw