Monday, January 28, 2013

Friday the 13th on HBO in 1982

T.V. Guide advertisements for the HBO Premier of Friday the 13th in 1982. 

"Scream bloody murder at this horror smash, starring Betsy Palmer."


  1. Ah VERY cool! I love old school shit like this.

    I grew-up as an old school cable watcher as a VERY young lad, and having aound fourty channels or only two less then that was considered average & sometimes even a more big deal in more rural county areas.

    I used to rely on the HBO/Cinema/Showtime guide in order to see what genre films & stand-up comedy specials that I wanted to say for that coming month. Brings bac A LOT of memories. :D

  2. Indeed: They were cool for what they were.

    Also Lobey Cards were very cool to collect for a few years also, as well. ;-)