Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Petru Popescu: The Return

Touted as Romania's most famous "opposition" writer, most Friday the 13th fans know him as the uncredited  co-writer of Friday the 13th: Part III. Little is know how much of the Part III script he wrote, but hopefully we will know when he appears on the Crystal Lake Memories documentary.

Popescu is the author to several Romanian and American best sellers including The Return, which is the story of his family's escape from Nicolae Ceausescu's tyranny, witnessing government killings, and how he met his wife (whose parent's are Holocaust survivors).

Get the book from Amazon.


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  2. Yeah I noticed this from reading the CLMs book and seeing the Facebook pics.

    I've had severa Eastern European friends and their Slavic culture, though not the most beloved in the world, has alays fascinated me. Many of them are good, tradional Orhodox people and are even more overly nice more of the time compared to many of my good/close Western European friends that I've Skype'd with audio-chat wise and e-mailed over the years too, ect.

    I agree'd with many of his comments in the CLMs book abou our attitudes towards sex & sensuality and about this & that too, ect. He seems well-traveled and has a lot of inelligence. I look forward to his apperance in this doc as well as the CLMs one. Very cool ...

  3. I don't blame him for not putting his name on Part 3s script, not that it was bad but its not good either... im surprised more of the writers did not do the same for the franshise.

  4. To Thor up top:

    I can see wher you''re coming from even if I'm a HUGE Part 3-D mark that's loved it for most of my 30 years on our playfully bickering Earth. In the book he noted that his agent sat with him in the screening room and pretty much pressured him; he didn't (as in Petru) didn't mind it so much.

    Also of note that one of the screen writers, the obscure David Cohen for part V of the franchise, died in the '90s in an L.A. automobile crash and also the "Miguel" whats-his-name pseudoism used in the lameoid Part VII is NOT a ral person; it was mostly producers & John Carl Beuchler that did extra (mostly lame & pedestrian) dialogue punch ups while on the Alabama set and also back in L.A. too.

  5. i LOVE all of the fims especially the first 6. I just think they are not good writing and as a professional writer not what Id want to be remenmbered by.

  6. To Thor:

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind my name on one myself. I happen to lie the first four more exploitation entries in the series myself, with Part V somewhat as a guilty pleasure.

    I will state though that I can pretty much watch all of the Paramount Pictures distributed of the franchise rather then the New line Cinema distribute ones, though; I agree that while they are what they are, the first four had this fine, retro old school Exploitation/Slasher feel to them that as much harder for even other franchises to copy or even its very own copy-cats, if that makes any sense. While later entries I feel things got a bit more tacy s the lovely '80s went on and Harry Manfredinni re-hashed his own music, only scoring so many reels of footage and the MPAA made more iposed cuts & such, ect. And yeah some of the writin is so-so even for their time and have not aged well. For Zombie Epics & Slasher Films -- especially my two favorite of the horror genre sub genres WHEN done right on a budget, now -- only lie them to be very good of their time, since I agree & know that most things will age more like Vinegar in many respects, NOT Wine. :D