Wednesday, January 30, 2013

News Archive: Bing Crosby's Son Harry Finds Friday The 13th A Bloody Good Omen

From the June 30, 1980 issue of People Magazine; Vol. 13, No. 26

Thanks from Where's Paul from the Camp Blood forum for this.
Possibly even more unsettling to Dad's memory is the role lately taken by another Crosby kid. In this summer's nastiest horror film, Friday the 13th, Bing's namesake, Harry Lillis Crosby III, 21, plays a camp counselor who witnesses various beheadings, garrotings and throat slashings before he himself is bloodily dispatched by a homicidal archer after a game of strip Monopoly. The Old Man would be more aghast if he knew that the nonstop gore helped Friday earn $27 million in its first month alone. Worse, young Harry found all the mayhem "an awful lot of fun."

Harry grew up not in Hollywood but in the San Francisco suburb of Hills-borough, "where I went to a nice, normal public school with nice, normal kids." From age 7 on, to be sure, Harry appeared with Mary Frances and his younger brother, Nathaniel, on Pop's Christmas TV specials. Yet he feels that Bing did not force them into show business: "He just opened the door a crack." Harry studied classical guitar at 14 and "became a recluse and a bookworm" after switching to private school at 16. Father set the house rules, Harry notes, but Kathryn handled the discipline. When Harry stayed out past his 10 p.m. curfew on dates, he remembers, "Mom would go to sleep in my bed until I came home."
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It's always nice finding these old articles from Friday the 13th alumni. Thanks, Where's Paul!


  1. I wonder what ole Harry feels about it now

    1. He's an uptight Republican now. Nuff said.

    2. He's actually involved with the arts, so I don't think he is that uptight. I also know he signs for fans of the movie, so he seems like a cool guy.

  2. I agree: He seems like a cool enough guy.

    We all shouldn't judge him until we all hear multiple Savini-esque stories coming from people & couples who've bumped into him or from conventions, ect.

    I'm sure he's a wonderful, well mannored & well-edjusted lad. And it wouldn't matter if he is Democrat or Republican. To me it DOES NOT matter about someone's personal beliefs, only that they're fairl open-minded, non-combative & speak fairly well their national language. Most other things are arbitruary for me in life, but hey, that is merely me. :)