Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Professor Kerry Noonan Discussing: Rough Magic

Directed by Kerry Noonan and performed by four Champlain College students, Rough Magic is a compilation woven of various Shakespeare pieces, all with the theme of magic or disguise.

Four actors take on a variety of parts, from comedy to tragedy, in this whirlwind tour of some of Shakespeare’s finest characters. Come see magicians, fairies, lovers, witches, death scenes, love scenes, and even some sonnets, all brought to life in this tribute to the Bard’s imagination.


  1. she was cute in part 7, but not so muc now

  2. Actually Thor my good man, though she auditioned I believe she said in the CLMs book, she was NEVER in the lameoid John Carl Beuchler directed Part VII.

    She was "Nancy" (named after writer/director Tom McLaughlin's wife Nancy, whom is also in the picture) in part VI: Jason Lives, which is entertaining for what it is.

    And yeah she isnt my bag now, despite my HUGE lOVE for pale-skinned redheads. But hey we all age and she could look a lot worse i her mild defense. *shrugs playfully*

  3. Actually, I played Paula, not Nancy, in Part VI ... but Tom McLoughlin made my character the sister of his wife Nancy's character.

    Yes, 27 years can make a lot of changes in a person's looks, but I thank you for saying I could look a lot worse.

    I don't know who took that picture in the bar of me and my husband, but I am glad you found the link to the piece about the play I directed last year.

    1. Are you still directing or performing in plays, Ms. Noonan? I'm sure we'd all be interested in what you're currently up to.

  4. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 4, 2013 at 3:48 AM

    Hello Ms. Noonan,

    It is so nice to meet you & that you replied. :) And yes I got my names mixed up in that film. So many common names in that one and Paul & Nancy I always mix up, especially since I pot much later at night.

    And yes we all aged, bless us. Its most certainly nothin' to worry about! :) You look fine in that photo--never let anyone tell you any differently. And my with Asperger's Syndrome I'm surprised that I mixe up those names too If you only KNEW how well I thought that I kne these movies, inside & out at one time film maker that I wanted to be, heh heh.

    I hope our new life as a play director is a happy-to-lucky one! :D

  5. Hi Kerry! I think the years have been kind to you. I always loved Paula in Part VI. I think she was far and away the nicest counselor to fall victim to Jason. I wish she could have been the survivor. I hope 2013 finds you and your family well.

  6. Such a cute woman!!!