Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday the 13th: Part III 3-D Advert From 1982!

Friday the 13th: Part III utilized a new 3-D technique that used silver screens instead of the normal white. Friday the 13th: Part III became the most lucrative 3-D film of all time and that remained until Sky Kids 3-D and of course slaughtered by numerous movies since the recent 3-D craze in Hollywood.


  1. Yeah, I remember from the good ole' Crystal Lake Memories book reading about the special silver-tinted screens and thinking "Wow, I've ALWAYS wanted to see a special original Polerized 3-D film print of it way back in '82".

    I know: The film is VERY shitty when viewed in modern day, almost three full decades later no retrospect as it has become some what of a haunted-disco soundtracked joke-y film. HOWEVER, I've always have been & always will be a fuckin' HUGE Part 3-D (1982) mark for some reason, and it was very cool that you soehow unearthed this old print ad my good man. No lie, its a truly awesome fine.

    I REALLY mark-out big time for the super creepy, ostly well shot & uniquely casted Steve Miner-directed sequels. I dunno; I really wish that he stayed on for oen more, sort of like a Steve Miner trilogy, but he didn't wanna do another and I beeive he said they stopped offering him the Friday directing gigs after Part V was done.

    Part 3-D still creeps me out big time because of the hulking presense of Richard Brooker (a bit of a prick in real life I noticed, but I am not socializing around him or consuming around him & hanging out and most actors & actresses probably are pricks & bitches with bad Karma anyway so I only limited care to be quite hoenst--work is as work does on the big screen for moi, so that is fine with me for what it all is & means) is hands-down my favorite location, I oddly love its much dryer Newhall, California & Saugus, California locales and shooting at the Valuzet Family owned movie ranch and its many badly acted ines that make me chuckle and its super attractive mostly female smaller cast and its music & timed scares, ect.

    It has a fuck ton of modern day kitch value, I know in many respects, but it's final two reels worth of better series suitably icky kills and chase sequences--arguably the best of the series, for my money, as well as the musical score too--always gets to me. This & The Final Chapter were the last times as a young lad that I feared Jason before he more or less become an anti-hero.

    1. And not many realize because of these new silver screens Part III was shown on far fewer screens than any of the first 5 films- I think something like 1\3 less- but still made the most of all the sequels. That's impressive.

  2. Yup yup yup. ;-)

    The huge Part 3-D mark that both I and you are, as ya quite well know, I know of that but also I remember from the Crystal Lake Memories book that, and very few ever referance his but it is of interest to us big time old school Friday early Exploitation-half of the series, was that sadly the Producers of Part 3-D were sued because of their own self-distribution of said silver screens.

    You know very few ever tal about hat. I wonder if it is rarely brought up over legel reasons, as it was only briefly mentioned right at the tail-end of the Part 3 Chapter ("A New Dimension in Terror", which was also the film's agline, as we all know & love). And yes Larry Zerner was right to gloat about it making more then he slightly overrated Fast Times At Ridgemont High because indeed, it WAS the highest grossing when adjusted for Inflation for a good, long while. It is indeed even more impressive when as one of he Producers noted on the Blu Ray disc tha I go in 1982 money movie tices were much cheaper & you paid a lot less. They even had to has the Poleroid corporation of North America to wor over-ime speedily because they basically didn't know that they would run out of glasses because of both consumer/view demand and everybody kept theirs not waning to give them up as they do with modern Real-D Glasses, ect.

    Fairly cool, eh? :)