Friday, December 28, 2012

Want Own the Jarvis Home? Got 1.7 Million?


Yes, the infamous home used in several movies-- including Friday the 13th: Part IV and even parts of the interiors in Part VII-- is still for sale reduced by $105,000. This location is actually only 2 miles from Summit Trail, where Charles Manson and his Family lived for a spell in 1968 and where Manson's son Michael Valentine "Pooh Bear" Manson was born to mother Mary Brunner.

The property is 9 acres with a creek, a barn converted to an apartment as well as an additional cabin. That being said, the price is reasonable for this area.

This area is a very beautiful place and if I could afford the $8,000 a month mortgage I'd sweep this up.


  1. damn 2 mil!!!! thats INSANE!!!!

    1. Really, it's not- not for SoCal, not for this area (close to Malibu) and not for nine acres with three homes. It's actually quite reasonable, with all this as well as the history.

  2. What I want to know is how Manson afforded to live in places like Malibu. Even in the 60's and 70's it was expensive

  3. Ive been here its nice

  4. Heh heh too cool! If I were already rich, I too would VERY much so like to own this.

    I'm currently working with several of my patented consumerist ideas with the Miami based group American Patents, and if I ever get enough I wanna own a nice ranch style home or cabin style home much like this. or a nicer modern Victorian style one for aroun $500,000 or so here in cleaner Middle America. *winks*

    Very nice but ya know I always thought that greater Los Angeles prices were TOTALLY fucked in the ass but yeah, I do totally 'get' for the many reasons why so.

    Ah Real Estate--its all about "location, location location" as they say. :)