Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Shot of the New Owner of the Jason "Hero" Hockey Mask

Dick Warlock with Dario Latinovic; from
So, by now it's very old news that Dick Warlock sold his beloved hockey mask. And for those Friday the 13th nerds out there-- like me-- who salivated over this mask combo for years, here's a nice shot of Dick passing the reigns over to the new (and obviously proud) owner Dario Latinovic. This is the screen-used hockey mask worn by Jason in Friday the 13th: Part III (at the end), IV and V and used as a template for the masks used in the later films. It's definitely an important one-of-a-kind piece of Friday the 13th memorabilia.

Dick Warlock was the stunt coordinator in Friday the 13th: Part V and must have obtained the mask that way. It was used in the dream\hallucination scenes in the movie and was used to pull the mask used on Roy.

Here's something that I wrote a few years back of the journey this mask took. Right now some of the information is a little off and needs to be revised; I was working with the information that I had at the time.


  1. Whoa, dude man I just now finally read this and whoa, VERY much so interesting to me. ;-)

    Well now from the Blu Ray of Part 3-D they said in the exclusive special features that the original mask from Marty Becker's office sat on a pole and "sort of wilted away in the sun over the years" although in the boxset from '04 released commentary track Peter Bracke also noted that "Well they alo made seveal different masks" and Doublas J. White, very underrated make-up artists from Part 3 that "The first mask ws leather & fit Shelly fine and then we made others through VacuForm".

    I was merey wondering: How many did they make? Also they were singer since BOTH Larry Zerner & Richard Brooker wanted a screen used mask but they absolutely refused both of them, they noted.

    And Peter Bracke also noted that they went back to the Part 3-D molds for Ted White to were when shooting because they loved the Part 3 look and fet that it was fine enough.

    So I was merely wondering: Around how many did they make of the "hero" ones and around how many do you think are truly surviving these days, in Calfornia based F/X studios or in collectors hand? Like seriously???

  2. So Jack did ya ever find out what I asked?I mean there were multiplex masks, right???