Monday, December 31, 2012

Fan Film Review: Friday the 13th: Extraction

Friday the 13th: Extraction is a neat little fan film released in (what I can tell) 2012 directed by Samuel Farmer of Chance In Hell Productions . The plot centers around a private military defense company who sends a party to Crystal Lake to capture Jason Voorhees in what they believe is to finally put a stop to the killing.

When Jason is brought to the research facility, they realize that the task was to extract Jason's DNA to study his regenerative abilities. Jason breaks loose and takes them out one by one, in typical fan film fashion.

This film was made pretty well and visually it looks as professional as you can get with strong acting and cinematography as well as perfect edits, visual effects and overall production. It looks good, well lit, and the score is a mix of classic Manfredini and some original stuff as well.

Of course, for all that know me, you know I always critique Jason himself. Jason in this film (being the focal point) isn't at all menacing and a little on the smaller side. His overall costume and look is a bit amateurish and off. The movie has him in a sort of Freddy vs. Jason look, which is my least favorite. However, I still give Jason a B-.

The film does have a lot of nods to the franchise. Everyone's names are taken straight from the original casts, which is cool by me. At parts it also has a Jason X feel to it and it's overall look. I say check it out. It's always nice when a very well done fan film is made because lord knows there's so many bad ones out there.


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