Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bruce Mahler on Evening at the Improv

from: An Evening at the Improv

Here's a really funny clip of Bruce Mahler (Friday the 13th: Part IV) on the TV show An Evening at the Improv that ran from 1982 to 1996 in a clip called Instruments About the World. I am not sure which season this is from or what year, but it is pretty damn funny. We all know that he slam-dunked the character Axel and he is a pretty damn good comedian and actor from the things I have seen him in.

Watch it here on Hulu


  1. Heh heh I just plain love old school clips like this.I love stand up comedy as an artform and have obsurved stand-up comedy (I personally love the artform as ya know) in three different industrial Southern cities that I've lived in.

    Back during the '80s comedy boom we all admittedly saw A LOT of good, unique stuff on television and reprotedly in the comedy club circuit, too. I enjoyed this clip. Big time.

    I never met him at a convention as I prefer not to go to'em but he seems like he'd be a very cool, nice 'n laidback dude to meet. Much respect to the guy. I also just plain love rare comedy clips but also seeing the early Friday the 13th alumni in non-Jason roles & non-Friday apperances. I looked over a fuck ton of Dana Kimmel from Part 3-D televsion apperances online this past year. I always thought she had such a unique look to her.

  2. Heh heh yeah, indeed! :D

    Now 'n days there is all of this modern day totally bullshit "Alternative Comedy movement" that you can look up that was sort of (well more or less, and trust me I love the artform that is stand-up comedy now, not to toot my own horn too loudly though) Andy Kauffman and the like.

    Mr. Mahler's more natural routine & his presence of being a generally sweet 'n funny guy comes off VERY well in that attached video. :)