Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jason Does Run

It's funny that I came across this; I made a fan film and in it Jason ran. Everyone's initial response with watching it generally was "Uh, why is Jason running- Jason doesn't run!" Needless to say, that really aggravated the hell out of me.

The best Friday The 13th movies in my opinion were 1-5, and of course the movies (2,3 and 4) that had Jason had a running Jason. I know I have tackled this subject many times, but I just think that a killer who runs is a much more fierce killer. It's hard to have a walking killer without doing stupid things that make you scratch your head (i.e. teleportation).


  1. Damn straight, you tell em scab!!! I agree completely; parts 1-5 are my favorites as well. I do like the other ones, but for different reasons, that's all.
    To the people scab has mentioned and those like them - yes, Jason DOES in fact run! Some of the best Jasons have ran actually: Steve Dash and Jerry Wallace in part 2, Richard Brooker in part 3, Ted White in part 4, and Derek Mears in the new film. Only after Jason became a zombie did he no longer have to run to keep up with his intended victims.

  2. I pretty much agree with Jack, as per always:

    Some of the superior slasher flicks of their era are Friday the 13th Parts 2, 3-D and The Final Chapter (IV) and yes, Jason DOES run briskly on screen towards the typical strong-willed heroine/Final Girl in ALL three.

    WHY oh-so-many have issues with this or believe in the overrated Kane Hodder's back issue of Fangoria comments of "No, I always told writer/directors like Rob Hedden that Jason WILL NOT run or kick the dog", ect is beyond me.

    For my liking & opinion some of the best Jason segments had Steve Dash, Richard Brooker & Ted White respectively running after an intended victim in the pitch blackness in a rural community, and it was oh-so-scary to me as a young lad with Manfredinni's "Battle of the Greek Gods on mount olypus on crack-cocaine" type of old school slasher film scores.

    I say double-fuck the haters & never mind the inferior quality Parts VI-onward "comic book" style anti-hero "over showing Jason" too much films. The first four or so are VASTLY superior, anyways.

  3. Yeah, Jason not running was something that started on part VI and was stupidly reinforced by Kane Hodder, who sucks as Jason by the way, I don't know was so many people like his portrayal of Jason.

  4. HisNameWasBrandon,

    Indeed. Kane started the whole "UGH, Jason DOESN't run!!!" bull corn. Also three of his films, the overrated Part VII, Jason Goes to Shit (Hell) and Jason X, are PURE SHIT anyhow. Also be can be a total cock-head in recent convention videos, as if he seemingly "owns" the character. I *DO* personally find him a fine stuntman and a nice read of his audio book "Unmasked" I got last year and he's lead a pretty entertaining life, but three of his Jason films were largely super shitty & he is also a terrible actor outside of the make-up, no offense. His '80s and '90s and 2000's roles outside of prosthetics as a security guard of a party goer or as a bus driver are all pretty cringey. Which is fine, but fellow genre fans need to stop acting like he is some big time, hot shot A-lister. He is a fine stuntman though a fairly terrible actor and sometimes acts like he "owns" a seminal slasher icon/legendary character, which seems odd to me as he isn't the only one to portray him both before or afterwards since.