Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fangoria # 22: Douglas J White talks about Jason III

Alan A. Appone and Douglas J White work on Jason
from: MEL Effects
In Fangoria #22 Douglas J. White talks about creating the face of Jason and what inspired the look.
"The other task was the creation of killer Jason's makeup, a task what was created within some time limitations. We'd already been working on the show for almost 10 weeks when they came up to me to do the (new) makeup for Jason (Jason's makeup was previously done by Stan Winston).

I had to create Jason's makeup in a week. I sculpted the prototype in a day, got the OK the next day, did my touch-ups on the sculpture, then cut it for the making of appliances. After that we did the first makeup, then Steve mentioned that he wanted to change some of the appliances. I didn't have to change the entire look, just some pieces, so I did those changes the next week."

Douglas went on to include:

"Steve liked the look of both of them (Jason I and II), he wanted to lean more towards the Tom Savini version, but I took a little bit of both the Tom Savini and the Carl Fullerton Jasons to come up with the new look.

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