Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Behind the scenes photos of the week: Part III

indHere's a handful of behind the scenes photos from Friday The 13th Part III. Clockwise from the left: 1) Richard Brooker wearing the Part 3 stunt hock used for the axe chop to the head. 2) The slit throat gag from Lerry Zerner's (Shelly) death scene. 3) Richard Brooker (Jason) wearing Stan Winston's mask in between shots during Chili's poker death. 4) Director Steve Miner and (what seems to be writers Martin Kitrosser and Karen Kitrosser-Watson. 5) A shot from the long-lost alternate ending. 6) Special Effects master Douglas J. White applying make-up to Marilyn Poucher (Mrs. Voorhees).

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