Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is signing your name to a photo that is not you really THAT bad?

In the past I have seen many actors sign their names to photos that are not of them. We all know of the old confrontation between Dick Wieand and Tom Morga with the Part V 'Roy' photos and of course Warrington Gillette continuing to sign his name to photos of Steve Dash.

It doesn't end there either as I have seen Kane Hodder sign his name on a photo of Jason III (Richard Brooker) and sign a Part I DVD "Kane Hodder -- Jason" when we all know that Ari Lehman played Jason in Friday The 13th 1980. To get even more nit-picky- C.J. Graham signs his name on stills from a scene where Dan Bradley played Jason, not him. I guess some fans do not know that Dan was Jason in that scene or better yet that the photo they are having CJ sign is of an uncredited actor who was fired. I'm sure we all had Nick Castle sign photos of a scene not played by him since so many people donned the white Shatner mask in Halloween 1978.

I personally find problems with all of the above- if the photo is not of you then you really should not sign it. I remember I sent some photos to Tom Morga to sign and he returned one unsigned because he was not sure it was of him (it indeed was-- of bloody Jason in Tommy's hallucination) and obliged to send me a free signed photo of him instead. I always thought that was a very noble gesture because a lot of those people signing nowadays would sign their name to anything as long as you give them a twenty. Shit like that is what damn-near got Warrington Gillette's head taken off at a 2005 California convention.

Would it be right for Don Shanks to sign a photo of Dick Warlock? How about Andrew Bryniarski to sign a photo of Gunnar Hansen? I think either of those two would be abominations and would create a lot of anger for fans of those movies- Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre respectively. I think if Taylor Mane signed his name and "Michael Myers" to a photo of Nick Castle people would get really angry. So, now why is it alright for Kane Hodder to do the same? I've always wondered why the double standard-- Gillette can not, but Hodder, CJ, and so many others can. Maybe it's the way that Gillette carries himself and justifies his reasoning to amnesia and no that fact that he knows he did not play those scenes as apposed to "I don't remember who did what"? Maybe that is it!

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  1. Is it actually Tom Morga or Dick Wieand in the photo above? It can get confusing.