Saturday, September 26, 2009

After re-organizing my VHS collection I noticed that a lot of titles that I owned had very, very similar covers. Most of them were all on different distribution labels so it most definitely not the distribution label copying itself over and over again. Most of these covers have a very common motif- we see the killer and his weapon very close up in the foreground and way off into the distance we wee a house and sometimes in between a victim or two. Some of the more known movies that have this on the VHS box art are Home Sweet Home, Horror House On Highway 5 and Alone In The Dark to name a few. Here are some scans of a handful that I could find-- there are many others.

Does anyone know the history of (some) these? I mean, where they done by the same artist or perhaps were these all just mimicking a well-known poster art concept?


  1. Definitely something there, especially give the similarities of #s 1, 2, 3 and 5!

  2. the slasher trend... what a great era um yeah :) i want to see more scans of some big box art! NOW!