Friday, August 14, 2009

The Return Of Fan Film Friday: Jason Vs. Leatherface

Jason vs Leatherface

Okay, I really gotta hand it to the film makers with this one- the editing was pretty good and the movie was all-around put together well. However, right off the bat a handful of things stood out to me like a sore thumb; why is The New Blood Jason carrying Freddy's head? Did Jason go on the Jared diet-- he's presumably lost about 55 pounds and Jason has a really nice house and he shuts the door after entering. Sadly, I was not down with the Jason costume as it looked really cheap and chinsey.

I guess it was cool how he c incorporated film footage of Mrs Voorhees and Leatherface III into the movie, it was sort of clever and a nice change of other fan films who used a faux Mrs Voorhees. I dunno though, I just really dislike these crossover stories. They always play out to be more cheesy/silly than interesting. Once it got to the actual acting, the sound was just horrible. I am sure it was due to MySpace's compression., but it made it that much harder to watch.

Quickly after, the movie just gets super funny (unintentionally)- Jason walks up to some random door where he is greeted bya redneck who invites him in for dinner... and he accepts. I found it funnier that this redneck guy towered over Jason, who in that shot looked more like 5'5" 130 scrawny teenager. In fact, it looked more like a Halloween trick or treater with a bad Jason costume. Anyways, Jason ends up sitting down at the table and a lo-and behold... it's the Sawyer Family and in comes Leatherface- Yawn. Jason quickly becomes irritated with his dinner hosts and starts killing. Leatherface, who now is wearing some crappy beehive woman's wig, tries to stop Jason's rampage on his family.

Alas, Jason Vs. Leatherface.

Pretty much the last half of the fan film is a duel... blah, blah, blah. Really, you may want to avoid this one unless you really like fan films. I understand that it is a fan film, but c'mon, be a little original!

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