Thursday, July 30, 2009

Madman Marz and Cropsy makes the top movie killers on!

I thought I would plug this since they linked to me, but still I think it's a great list so check out their Top 100 movie killers article.

I can't say that I agree with Victor Crowley over Madman Marz or Cropsy, but it's still nice that they topped the list!

9. Victor Crowley from Hatchet - As a child, Victor was hit in the face with a hatchet. This did nothing to improve his looks (or his disposition). Don’t let this backwoods killer get his hands on you, or he’ll literally rip your limbs from your body.
10. Cropsey from The Burning - A summer camp caretaker burned beyond recognition, Cropsey returns to wreak bloody vengeance with a lethal pair of shears. Can the likes of Fisher Stevens and Jason Alexander stop him?
11. Papa Hades from The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) - This massive mutant is a real handful, able to withstand tons of damage before going down. Steer clear if you’re a woman, or else you’ll become the latest mother to his mutated offspring.
12. Madman Marz from Madman - If you even say his name, this mad hillbilly will hunt you down and end your life. A group of smartass teens find this out the hard way.
13. The Mountain Twins from Just Before Dawn - Two huge palookas skulking around the mountains and attacking anyone who strays into their territory. You know you’re bad when George Kennedy is trying to track you down.

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