Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't win 'em all...

In this day and age the internet has given everybody a voice, and needless to say with mediums like blogs, Twitter and YouTube everyone and their mother are voicing them. I think it's a great thing really, and it has given this generation the ability to get news as soon as it's made and go one-on-one with journalists and directors with the click of a mouse.

However, with good comes bad-- the bad being the fact that nobody can be happy and it seems like people don't do anything but bitch and complain. We are all tired of remakes-- I know that I am and I can understand frustration with all of that, but why spend countless hours bitching about it? My opinion on that is simple; shut the fuck up. If you are pissed that all of these remakes ar being made just don't watch the fucking thing. A remake in no way changes the original and if you are one of those people who say that a remake ruins the original movie then you are an idiot. A bad remake, if anything, solidifies the greatness of the original.

Lately, I have been hearing a lot of complaining about the production of Scream 4. I will be the first to admit that Scream 2 wasn't great and Scream 3 was a piece of dung. Sometimes these are the same people who bitched about the Friday The 13th and Halloween remakes-- commonly stating that they should have just made a sequel instead. Coincidentally, when a sequel is being made to a franchise who at one time was rumored (allbeit a few days) to be remade, everyone again are moaning and bitching.

The eighties are over and the best days of Carpenter, Hooper, Romero and craven are over. In their place are crappy dime-a-dozen directors, torture horror, shitty independent movies that use 30 second cameos by people like Bill Moseley and Toby Hooper to sell DVDs and CG laden movies that completely made special make-up effects obsolete.

I just think us horror fans can never be 100% satisfied anymore, and that may not be a bad thing. Everyone seems to jump on the "I hate that remake" bandwagon as soon as it's announced never giving it a chance. I have heard a lot of people say they would rather have a shitty sequel than a good remake and I ask "why?". All I want is an entertaining and hopefully good movie and I can care less what it is-- plagiarism, remake, sequel, independent, shot on video, whatever...

Everyone seemed completely content with some absolutely shitty sequels with the A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th and Halloween franchises-- movies that were just pure crap, yet a semi-alright remake is just evil and doing nothing but using a franchise title to make money. Well, let's be fair-- that's all a sequel does as well... as far as I am concerned a sequel and a remake are the same mouthful of mouthwash.


  1. I don't fit into either of those categories- I hate neither sequels or remakes- but only when they are worthwhile. I think bringing Scream back after so long is a big mistake- why not make a brand new movie and be original/creative?

  2. I think if Scream 4 is done right and marketed right it will be a huge success. At this point the 13-16 (High School demographic) were a bit too young to see Scream in the theaters when they came out so this is like the Friday The 13th/NOES for them. When Friday The 13th first came out I was too young to see it, and by time Jason Lives rolled around I was old enough and went to see it even though it was shitty.

    I think the title Scream sort of will gain interest for that reason-- it's one of the last successful franchises (other than Saw) of the past 15 years. F13th, TCM, Halloween not included because I would put those back even further even though they transcended decades.