Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great David Katims interview.

It's from one of the more old school Friday The 13th websites out there, one of the best of it's day- if not the best. This interview was done up by the one and only Erik Nash.

Where there any scenes of yours that were left on the cutting room floor?
I am sure that there were some scenes left out. I know that in my death scene they shot much more graphic violent shots of my face burned from the electrocution that didn't end up in the film. I don't exactly know why as they didn't shy away from violence...I went through a long make-up session and seemingly for not, as they didn't use that footage.
Your character in the film was a dead ringer for Tommy Chong. I have to ask...was the beard real?
The similarity to Tommy Chong was not an accident. That is the archetype we went for. And yes the beard was real as was the long hair. I have since done stand-up comedy with Tommy Chong and let him know that I ripped off his character in the film. He was amused and cool with that.
The rest can be found right here, so go check it out!

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  1. HIsNameWasBrandon,

    Like you, flaws & all Part 3-D is my favorite out of the entire franchise. However, remembering his old Crystal Lake Memories interview sort of taints his portrayal for me. Sure it was a fine enough job, but he came off as a total douchebag taking matters WAY too seriously and comparing his Part 3-D experience almost adult film industry like.

    Sadly that book ruined a lot of once positive feelings I had for some of the actors & Actresses but alas, I still enjoy the films themselves since I don't care to go to conventions to see them prostitute themselves out for $20 at aa pop, so its all good with me.