Friday, April 17, 2009

Fan Film Friday: The Best Damn Sequel Period.

For the people who are not familiar with Braxtan Films, here's a rundown: they have made the best fan films from day one and continue to this day. Some of their more popular fan films are Friday The 13th: Again!, Freddy Vs The Ghostbusters and Return Of The Ghostbusters. This film-- The Best Damn Sequel Period is certainly not their best, but for first time viewers it really serves a lot of amusement. It's really hard to even comment negatively or positively on it because it is what it is... just a short, funny fan film.

For those who don't want to watch, it's just a series of sports tournaments between Freddy and Jason ESPN style with the background music to The Best Damn Sports Show Period, hence the fan film's name. I guess it's a clever little fan film though, both Jason and Freddy's costumes looks pretty good and the fan film is shot really well. This is just one of those memorable fan films from that 2003-2005 era were probably the best fan films where made for these movies.

But really, it's fun and has that tongue-in-cheek style that Friday The 13th: Again! had, so if you liked that film give it a watch!

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