Friday, March 13, 2009

Fan Film Friday: Legacy.

Here we go again- I would call this a solid attempt at a fan film but I would be lying. It's one of the older fan films (2003) out there, and one of the ones I remember most from back then. The movie is basically about 2 teens that head over to Camp Crystal Lake to deliver a package or something. On their trek through the woods the fat kid is beat up and mugged (really?). After sitting on the ground and crying Jason walks up to him and gives him his mask and ax so he can now go and kill the kids that beat him up. So, essentially the fan film is not Jason killing which I guess is cool in a "A New Beginning" sort of way.

One thing that annoyed me in this film was the horrible camera work. Shots not only lasted way too long but the person operating the camera would arbitrarily zoom in and out, which got very annoying after a while. The acting in this was a bit worse than usual, and just came off very corny and amatuer-- which it was. It's funny when the "real" Jason made his cameo, it was just a fat kid in a ripped up flannel jacket (I that pissed off his parents) and a hoodie over his head.

Anyways, the film did have some nice looking shooting locations. It's just a shame that those locations were not taken better advantage of and not destroyed with horrible camera work. The idea for the film was good- I love the possession/impostor aspect of it, but that's about all I liked. If you want to check this baby out, head over to YouTube and watch it there. I would have embedded it, but the poster had the embedding disabled.

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