Monday, February 9, 2009 reviews Friday The 13th!

Very interesting review, and it got about what I figured it deserves- a C rating. Beware- heavy spoilers are in the review, but still check it out if you dare!

'Friday the 13th' may be the twelfth film in the series, but it's more of a sequel than a remake. The final showdown between Jason's beloved mother and the lone survivor of the Camp Crystal Lake massacre from the original film are reenacted in the opening credits before the story picks up in the present day. Jason's subsequent murderous rampage has become legend and is recalled amongst a group of five friends on a hike through the woods of New Jersey who are searching for...weed. That's right, according to the nerdy member (and the only one without a girlfriend) there's a hidden supply of cannabis growing near the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake and if they find it they can all be rich. The problem is the plants are protected by an overgrown musclebound half-dead mongoloid wielding a machete who wants to corner the drug market.

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