Friday, January 16, 2009

Roy Burns.

You know, not enough people pay homage to Friday The 13th Part V. I personally love that movie and aside from it's campiness, which I sort of compare to Cheerleader Camp, the movie probably was the last Friday The 13th movie with that Friday The 13th formula and atmosphere. People generally complain that Jason is not in the film, ergo the movie is bad- but, Jason is in the film and the movie is easily better than anything that came after it. Roy as a killer was as brutal as Jason- he was relentless and very creative with his kills and his mask was just sweet!

However, as of late it seems like a lot more people are warming up to this movie. I have been seeing a lot of love being thrown it's way; a cast reunion, fan commentary as well as one on the upcoming DVD re-release, some cool fan made busts in production, and what inspired me to write this: Crash Cunningham writing up a thing on ole Roy called Roy Burns: Portrait Of A Serial Killer. My one grip is that not enough busts of Roy exist. The only one that I can even think of was the one done up by Featured Creatures and that one was done in such limited quantity that it's now worth it's weight in gold.

Regardless if Jason is the killer or not, the movie was directed so that Roy was in the shadows and off screen for the kills, much like Parts 2,3 and 4 and it added a lot of mystery to it. Realistically, if the ending was changed to where the killer was not unmasked I bet that 50% of those haters out there would end up liking this movie a lot more. It's a shame because this movie was fun- it had it all; funny hillbillies, dumb cops, boobs galore, Michael Jackson, Dudley from Dif'rent Strokes, A Tommy Jarvis that would beat the snot out of Jason Lives' Tommy Jarvis and the hottest girl in any of the movies- Tiffany Helm.

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