Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Bloody Valentine finally to be released UNCUT!

After nearly 30 years My Bloody Valentine will finally be released uncut. I, myself have been hoping for this day ever since I realized the movie was cut to pieces in about 1990. Most people believed that it would never happen and surely would never happen under Paramount Pictures' hands. So, when the movie was cataloged out to Lionsgate Films for release to coincide with the remake, new hope arose and well... it is finally going to be released uncut. THANK GOD!


Bloody Valentine Fans Get the DVD They Want November 22, 2008

There's been a lot of speculation regarding Lionsgate's upcoming special edition DVD release of the original My Bloody Valentine and the long desired deleted scenes it was coming equipped with. The big question: Will said footage be integrated into the picture or not?

The studio's initial announcement pointed to "no" - the deleted scenes were going to be shuffled into the special features section. has learned, however, that yes an uncut version of My Bloody Valentine is coming your way and the producers of the disc are working diligently to put the footage back into the film. And it looks great, says our sources.

Mark you calendars. January 13th is when the DVD hits the street.

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