Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fan film review: Friday The 13th: Legends

Okay, where does one begin with this fan film? It's shot and directed by a professional crew, pretty damn good actors, the SFX are top notch even for an independent film and Jason is played by a badass black guy. The story is actually quite impressive and elaborate for a fan film; a guy with writer's block heads off on a weekend retreat with his friends. When he falls asleep at his writing desk he comes head to head with horror icons A Nightmare On Elm Street style.

Jason, well his outfit was about the best that you could get when this was made. The hockey mask is average but the undermask was one of the best (I think it was a Silver Shampain?) as well as the outfit complete with arm prosthetics and fake ribs. Otherwise, the movie is top notch and looks like a well put together independent film.

The film is about an hour long, not sure if you can find the entire movie online anymore but Jerry may still be streaming it on his Gobout Entertainment website.

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