Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rob Zombies H2

So, first Rob Zombie says he will never do a remake, and then he signs on to do the Halloween remake- although he never called it a remake. He always suggested it was a reimagining, which to me is like putting a dick in our mouth and saying you don't suck. Then he later said he would absolutely never do a sequel to the movie, and here we are... it was just announced that Rob will direct a sequel to the REMAKE Halloween II.

I thought the remake was a piece of shit. Rob expanded way too much on young Michael and made him a serotypical and cliche killer. It seems like all killers have the same "bad family" childhood. The genius of Carpenter's Halloween was that Michael was a good kid from a good family and one day snapped. It was never known why Michael snapped and it gave the character a lot of mystery (until all of those shitty sequels came along and had Michael tied in with aliens and shit). That's what I love so much of Halloween I and II (the original franchise)- Michael was left ominous, yet vague. They never expended on why too much.

I'm sorry, I liked The Devil's Rejects a lot, but much like Eli Roth, Rob Zombie is a shitty writer and should not write the movies that he directs. I thought his Halloween was just stupid.

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