Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Friday the 13th: Part II - Behind the Scenes

Photo from Cliff Cudney's Facebook
A lot of these photos from this sequence have been popping up here and there, but here is one that we haven't seen before. It's of stunt coordinator extraordinaire Cliff Cudney and his talent Steve Dash – better known as Jason Voorhees. 


  1. really sweet pic! not a big fan of dash because I think hes not very nice but I did love his jason.

  2. Whoa, someone said that he is not very nice? He answered my questions on the old less pretentious Friday the 13th films.com message boards around '05 and I respected him. He gave me good, slightly longer answers & I appreciated it from him. I mean no true real offense or disrespect but I do feel that many look into interviews or audio podcasts a bit too much these days -- anyway he was a fine Jason for the scenes he shot I feel, giving a nice rural county/backwoods feel I felt ;-)

    1. I think he's cool, but I can agree he can be abrasive at times. Like when I suggested someone ELSE played Jason in part II when he (at first, now changed it) first said he played ALL of the movie aside from Warrington's scene. And we all know there were three others who played Jason. When I brought that up, he got super pissed.

  3. I agree he is cool. But whoa, he got super pissed with you? Okay I can understand now. Was this via e-mail or on an online forum? I heard as you once mentioned that the worst of the old school Paramount-era cast members, big or small, was Dominic Brascia, though. I heard he is a total ice-hearted prick via e-mail several have confirmed. So saddening to hear as outside of semi-obscure directing a pure shit b flick named Killer Laugh we both owned at one time & with being on the radio in some markets out west, he is a total 'nobody'.

    So sad to hear that Mr. Dash got a bit pissed. Look in the film Nighthawks with Stallone & Billy Dee Williams, as he is in that one too. He's also a glasses wearing doctor gentleman that is quickly killed off in the fine old school slasher entry Alone in the Dark (1982). So sad to hear that he was perhaps having a bad/shitty day when communicating with you or something perhaps, I dunno.

    I do hope he acts better these days as he appears to anyhow... (*shrugs*) To the best of my knowledge

  4. He is an East Coaster, most come off abrasive. I can understand why Warrington probably hated him. The type of person you can't ask a simple question to, without getting an overbearing smart ass answer. So what you do is pretend they don't exist.