Friday, May 9, 2014

Manny's Orphans (1978)

Back before Sean S. Cunningham wanted to attempt to cash in on the Halloween slasher craze, he attempted to cash in on the sports team full of down-and-out pre-teens craze – al a The Bad News Bears – with Manny's Oprhans and then Here Come the Tigers. 

Manny's Orphans is a tad better than Here Come the Tigers, in my opinion, but both movies failed to capture that fun that The Bad News Bears captured.

Manny's Orphans was made with a slightly lower budget than Friday the 13th, but had the same team of Cunningham (director), Victor Miller (writer), and Steve Miner (editor, assistant) and even some of cast members: Ari Lehman and Irwin Keyes. 

Apparently Manny's Orphans was based on a short story by Miner.

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  1. HisNameWasBrandonMay 15, 2014 at 4:12 AM

    Hah ha I remembering sending this golden nugget to you a few months back on my old Google account on Gmail :-)

    I was re-watching my to disc set of Crystal Lake Memories and while I thought over his pre-Friday work of quickly made rip offs/cash-ins I was thinking over that aside from some scenes on YouTube I've never seen the orphans one, sadly. Alas, I personally never assumed that I was missing much now. Also, afterwards of course some the smaller/modest kinda hit (for its time & budget factoring in only $4 tickets in more rural locations and maybe $5 in most other places) Porky's franchise rip off of Spring Break. I d oddly enjoy Mr. Cunningham's films but I feel from video interviews he is a rather fake 'n phony person and in print interviews (such as the Crystal Lake Memories book form) he can be a total prick. And as a film maker I oddly enjoy his shots & atmosphere but he is a typical lazy rip off artist

    Ah well like all of us in life, he wanted to get lucky & he did. A Stranger is Watching was actually an adapted novel he bought but I never got too into it when finally seeing it a few years back. Also of course there was the mild Abyss rip-off that was DeepStar Six. I remember caching it on cable as a kid and finding it fairly lame & forgettable.

    You might enjoy this brief moment with a certain late/great Friday actress. She (in my eyes, anyway) was one of the few shining moments in the other wise dog shit/overrated Friday Part VII: