Thursday, January 9, 2014

David Katims Interview

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  1. Meh, this was fairly cool to see since I'm a HUGE Part 3-D mark as you are too, Jack. But his Crystal Lake Memories book interview - at least where he surprisingly manned up & admitted that he basically thought the film was shit then & is shit now, akin to the adult film but at least he had to balls to say it to Steve Miner & Frank Mancuso as well.

    Did you ever look over the other links I gave you last summer? A lot of Ted White links & some with Part V's Anthony Barille too? I figured you would like those. Anyway these conventions look like fun but I am a shy type with Asperger's Syndrome & I don't care about autographs and so seeing interview vids online are enough for me. I prefer to admit the older genre film stars & heroines from a respectable distance instead of having a bad experience with them (a-la' many have had with Savini) which would taint my positive experience of the films/franchise as a whole. *shrugs*