Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bruce Mahler on "Fridays" with George Carlin

Thank you, Brandon, for bringing this brilliant piece to my attention. It's from the show Fridays (which was supposed to be a Saturday Night Live ripoff) from 1981 (show G-06) in a skit called K.P.L.O.: Radio Palestine with Friday the 13th: Part IV alum Bruce "Superbowl Of Self Abuse" Mahler and the legendary George Carlin.


  1. This is great

  2. carlin is king

  3. HisNameWasBrandonJune 14, 2013 at 5:56 AM

    Oh no worries Jack, my good man! Its all cool. :-)

    I also commented on this video as you can tell by clicking on it externally. :D I was SO psyched to discover this last one last year around December time but I only recently got around to sharing those fuck-load of videos with ya, as you already know. :)

    And I thankfully saw Mr. Carlin live around '03 in Wichita, Kansas at the Century II Concert Area. I didn't agree with everything that he had to say as they guy could get pretty negative & a bit too darkly comedic at times, but I am still glad that I got to see this legendary social commentator, even better then Bill Hicks or Lenny Bruce, live in person with decent seats. His opening act, Kevin Blair, was just an average/amusing guy, though.

    By the way: the infamous rip-offs of SNL I ALWAYS loved more then the badly overrated, often times far too safe humor of SNL re-runs. I didn't mind it in the early to mid '90s but the show stopped being that funnier not long after I grew up and several notable people sadly died off.

    I loved re-runs of Fridays as well early to late Mad-TV as well, too. You're more then welcomed my good man! Peace. :)