Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wayne, You're an Asshole...

from: Devour; Sony Entertainment

Martin Cummins (no relation to Juliette; Part VIII), Jason Takes Manhattan's resident AV nerd, has since become a cult heartthrob to teens and women alike starring in TV shows like Dark Angle, Kyle XY, V and Eureka.  Long gone is his bob haircut (that makes him look oddly familiar to Ruben Farr, Crispin Glover's alter ego). I guess he has a pretty legit fan club, too!

In 2005 he starred in a movie called Devour, which I thought was pretty good for a DTV horror movie. The screen shot above is from that film.

It's nice to see that some of the cast of the latter Friday the 13th movies have went on with their careers. it seems for way too many, the franchise killed the careers of many would-be stars. For instance  Paul Kratka-- despite his dull performance in Part III-- is a pretty good actor from what I have seen in his multiple roles in Scott Goldberg films. Supposedly, his agent killed his career by putting him in auditions as leading man in big productions.

It's not an isolated incident as many of the former films' stars distanced themselves from the franchise, using pseudonyms, and even no credit at all. I remember Laurence Monoson (Part IV) saying his worst career mistake was showing his ass in The Final Chapter and regrets it.


  1. Wow. He looks quite different! I'd have never recognized him. He's such a sad-looking dweeb in JTM lol. I always found it pretty messed up that he killed someone by accident before biting it himself in the film. His death was pretty zonkers too, for what it was. One of the better kill scenes in JTM IMO.

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMay 17, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    Yeah, I always thought that there was a quirky & eccentric star in Martin Cummins just waiting to break out. I noticed him when Dark Angel went to syndication and I saw him there. He also made a GREAT writer/director debut in an indie film shot in his native Canada that is semi-autobiographical and a must own for indie film lovers.

    I heard that he is a cool guy real line outside of a film shoot, supposedly.

    Actually in the Crystal Lake Memories book, I REALLY found it disheartening about how many trashed their respective entries that they appeared in, especially such notable cast members as David Katims and most of The Final Chapter cast, ect. I guess it is oddly important to remember that most of the times these films were looked at with a certain amount of distain & that the first four or show feature quite shocking death/murder set pieces for their time frame of film life.

    And yes the actors & actresses have every right to distance themselves from it, actually---even as a long time franchise fanatic of these films with Asperger's Syndrome as I got, I can more or less see where they're coming from---many such as Shafron Henderson entered entirely new fields such as voice-over acting for animated features & animated television & video games, and don't even act anymore.

    Of Lawrence I more or less remember at the end of his CLMs interview stating that he didn't think the amount of fantasy violence was healthy and all. And yeah, I always thought that there was a break out role in there for Mr. Paul Kratka ; perhaps it was Part 3D's dialogue, no offense to the husband & wife team tat scripted it or Petru Popescu that did an uncredited re-write on it.:)

  3. funny u posted the cap from Devour have u seen it. It's a pretty alright dtv horror.

  4. He's a pretty good actor too

  5. He's gorgeous to boot