Thursday, May 23, 2013

Part III Revealing Shots of Jason

A full shot of Jason before he kills Harold and Edna
One if the better things about putting these old horror movies on Bluray is that we see never before seen details. Growing up in a VHS era, these movies were always dark and fuzzy to where details were impossible to make out. Ever since these movies have been on DVD, we could make out that Part III has some very revealing shots of Jason's face. But still, they were hard to really see and served as nothing more than teases before the final reveal at the end.

Most of the movie Richard Brooker wore a pull over mask designed by Stan Winston that was not the face that we see at the end. In photo one before he is wearing it as well as photo two. However in photo three he is wearing the final makeup that we do see at the end of the film which leads me to believe that it was shot around the time they shot the ending of the movie.  

Jason reveals his face in the scene where Shelly and Vera return
A more detailed look at Jason's face in Chris' flashback 


  1. thats what made it so creepy

  2. Yep, 100% agreed.

    And blu-ray really is a godsend for stuff like this. I do still get a warm, fuzzy feeling from those old VHS tapes, but getting to see details like these is indeed a treat as well. Both still have their merits in my world.

  3. HIsNameWasBrandonMay 25, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    Fully agreed with you, William (Bloody) my good man!!

    For instance, the old VHS tape of Jason Lives has a superior, more grungy soundtrack track at the end with the soundtrack version of "He's Back" which is superior to the standard def DVD copy or broadcast master copy. I'll always dig that and it is on YouTube as well as a VHS audio rip, too.

    And yeah Blu ray is a unique Godsend for my preferred retro slashers, Italian Giallo films and old school Exploitation fare. It helps remove a lot of the older print damage, grain that is unnatural as well as to brighten up the picture up even more so. :)

  4. made the movie creepier

  5. This was the first one that I saw and seeing Jason walking through the laundry scared the sh!t out of me.