Saturday, May 4, 2013

French Video Poster

I dig anything video with it comes to these movies and expecially the promo posters, standees and hangers. All are from an era lost and an era that will never be again: the mom and pop video rental store era. I mean, now you can stream movies with ease, but you can not stream the experience. Now the promo posters and press kits are all digital. That's no good.


  1. I love this poster man!! Glad to see u back!! Hope all is well!!

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMay 6, 2013 at 12:57 AM

    Very true: I am glad that I am well into my '30s and can remember the mom & pop video store era, as (super sadly) it is LONG gone now in greater North America.

    This is a very cool poster.

  3. I know of a few Mom and Pop places here in AL that have managed to hang on despite all the numerous entertainment delivery system climate changes. Most are out in the boonies, where high-speed internet and high-end technology aren't super accessible and easily attainable. Make no mistake though - the surviving shops I speak of (aside from maybe one of them) are nothing like the phenomenon from back in the day. Times have certainly changed, and even the little guys have had to change with them to somewhat guarantee their survival. Still, a slight feeling of nostalgia remains intact in them all. It's kind of special. My years hanging out in (and working as well) in several musty video stores are cherished dearly. It was a magical time. Back then, you actually had to bust your ass to find lots of obscure gems on video just to SEE them, much less convince places to sell them just so you could OWN them. Now any jackass with an internet connection can get most of this stuff sent right to their front door. Fucking lazy bitches. lol

    Man, I miss the old days. So much.

  4. HisNameWasBrandonMay 7, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    Mad respect to you, Bloody :)

    Indeed, I can see both sides of the spectrum: One on hand, gone are the more sociable (especially in concerns to buying music--like many, I have now sold out & got an ITunes account in January of this year for my birthday), of buying or renting a movie from only so any smaller & intimate locations.

    And yeah that is true. HOWEVER, am I the only one also oddly in love with Amazon? :) I mean you can look up genre lists & essays and add to your shopping cart for a later date and to ge things cheaper from a third party seller now and such, ect. That way it takes up less time of goin' out and an less space then clunky & bulky VHS tape & such and but yeah, I fully agree with your wonderful as always post: here is a certain magic gone now with just plain EVERYTHING being so damned corporate now.


    But yes, truly beautiful words that you wrote, and I pretty much agree with them---still, this modern world isn't so bad after al, because of what all we have access to here in the regon1/region-a North American coded word of entertainment. :)

  5. Yeah, I mean don't get me wrong - like you said, things like Amazon and whatnot have certainly made life easier and more convenient. There's no denying it. I guess there was just a certain allure that came with going to the old, rundown video shacks filled with dusty shelves full of crazy box art and searching for that next gem or little-seen classic you'd always heard about but had yet to find. It was just a special time to be a horror fan, and truthfully speaking, a movie nerd in general. Now it's all essentially out there at everyone's disposal and much of the self-motivated passion behind it all seems to be gone. It's just a few clicks to get a hold of stuff and search engines to point you towards knowledge instead of digging it up yourself. The entire movie industry in general now appears to be driven by shit like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes instead of the old-school aesthetics and marketing tactics that made the VHS revolution a magical ride. I honestly don't even see how magazines are hanging on nowadays thanks to all the news you could ever want and then some breaking constantly online every day and week that goes by. The delivery system of that printed medium is obsolete. Despite my mixed feelings though, I've already adopted and accepted the changes that the newfangled tech-savvy revolution has brought upon us, and it's certainly not all bad. Communicating with cool folks like yourself and other great fans online can often be wonderful. I'm just old-fashioned at heart, I guess. Clinging pointlessly to an age that's come and gone, essentially. Hell if I really know why. Nostalgia is often a cruel mistress lol.

  6. I have the USA video collection poster on my wall. oh nostalgia.

  7. love it. do u own it