Monday, May 13, 2013

Behind the Scenes shot of Ted White

I think we have all seen the black and white and low res versions of this photo of Ted White during the filming of Frday the 13th: Part IV. Well, thanks to Crash we have this awesome shot to gander at. From the looks of this photo, it looks like filming was pretty chilly. We all know the story of Judie Aronson and the cold lake, but Topanga Canyon can get pretty cold in the winter time. 


  1. HisNameWasBrandonMay 13, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Ah very cool! Wonderful resolution!

    And yeah, after Brooker (may he RIP), Ted White is pretty much neck-in-neck my net favorite Jason performer. I always wondered oddball things, such as over the almost three months of shooting how many of the trousers they had for Mr. White and how many of those Sears men's work shirts they bought ot dry cleaned, ect.

    out of all the Jason's he had back then such a unique husky & unique frame & size/shape to hi, especially his head (no disrespect meant, I love the guy & his performance).

  2. Agreed Brandon. I rank Ted right after Richard, followed by Steve Dash and then Derek Mears. I guess I'd rank Kane after Derek, but I really only like 2 of Kane's entries (VII and VIII), and even those aren't exactly "classics" lol. But, as I've said repeatedly, I do have a soft spot for The New Blood. I love the atmosphere, the locations, and Jason's look.

    This is a great pic though - especially at such a high resolution. I keep staring at his hands lol. Jason's mitts looked grubbiest in The Final Chapter, which, from a continuity standpoint and the passage of time over three directly-connected sequels, makes perfect sense.

  3. HisNameWasBrandonMay 15, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    So ice to see ya again Bloody!! I haven't seen ya on YouTube or Skype so this is cool!!

    Hodder, controversially for my money, is overrated. I can watch Parts of VIII for the old school low budget direct to video looking Canadian shot slasher with old school characters that it is but after that I LOATHE that, and yeah I've NEVER warmed up to Part VII myself either as any know---I'm a Southern lad but five huge elements of it REALLY bother me BUT I can understand why many have soft spot for it, flaws & all *Shrugs*. ;-)

    And yes White was an underrated Jason. He seems to have conflicting stories of which episodes that he watched in preparation but I fee that came with age and plus he doesn't like horror and we have to respect that as many don't. And yes!! As Adam Green notes in the fan commentary on the deluxe edition, how awesome are Jason's hands in TFC?? SO COOL!! :D

  4. Yeah, I've been pretty busy with life and its assorted flavors of drama lately lol. I did sign in one night on Skype but didn't see you on. Hopefully sometime soon we can catch one another on there.

    Kane is definitely overrated as Jason, but he's still pretty good in VII and VIII IMO. I loathe JGTH and hardly ever watch X either, so I rarely feel much like ranking his work in those. He's barely in JGTH as it is anyway lol. If he'd just lay off all the heavy-breathing and chest motions, I think the rest of his approach to the character is fine, really. But that stuff doesn't bother me too much, honestly. I suppose a zombified Jason would breathe funky and look wonky doing it after having been dead for so long and still rotting away in the process of exacting more vengeance lol...

    I dunno... the later Paramount entries, warts and all, are still fun to me but they never come close to capturing that magically ominous feeling from I-IV. Hell, even the much-maligned Part V has that same vibe IMO. It went away starting with Jason Lives. That's when Jason became more of a pop-horror icon like Freddy was after Dream Warriors. But I digress lol...

    And yes... the hands! Those fingernails alone are seriously freaky lol. Love that shit.

    1. Kane is a good stuntman and very good at what he does. Its no surprise he played Jason well. That is just the nature of his job.

  5. without the hock ole Jason looks friendly!

  6. HisNameWasBrandonMay 20, 2013 at 12:03 AM

    Hey there William! It was nice Skypeing with you the other day! Truly bro!

    And yeah, indeed: While I can watch parts V-onward of the Paramount series, that lacking form the more traditional "pop-cultural icon anti-hero" tat all of the big slasher antagonists/villains eventually become. I feel that Part VI (lamely) brought in a lot of that crap.

    In its mild defense I don't think that it is ineptly written or acted as most in its cannon or anything--but it just became oddly sanitized & very PG over time. And yes, THOSE hands! so cool the first four films for me now that I'm older. :)

  7. Ted was a soldier. love his work