Friday, April 5, 2013

Part V and Part VI Posters Share Same Art

Remember my post about how the Turkish poster for Friday the 13th: Part V was just a facsimile of the art on the movie The Wind? Here's some more Part V plagiarism for ya! On the left is one straight from Italy, starring Susan Ross...err... SHAVAR Ross it is Il Terrore Continua, translated into The Terror Continues.  Jason è tornato e non vi farà dormire per lungo tempo, well the tagline translated to English is 'Jason is back and will not let you sleep for a long time.' Sure beats 'If Jason still haunts you, you're not alone!'

On the right, well, it is the same damn poster art. Sapik is from the Turkish language, and really there are no American words it could be translated to but I was given a similar word "Perverse."

My question is whether or not this neat poster art was made for Friday the 13th: Part V, or if it was some stock art that was probably used in many films' art. 


  1. HisNameWasBrandonApril 5, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    Whoa, Go bless the pre-internet age ya know? Because of less social media, plagiarism was pretty damn obvious. Also that chainsaw I believe was also used in the Spaniard art for the PIECES film as well as other countries too. Though I find it lamely used for Part VI, since no other power tolls were used until Part VII when the Bushmaster from Sears of that year was used on actor Terry Kiser. More on him later I an e-mail.

    'Jason is back and will not let you sleep for a long time.' is a nicer tagline then the Anglophonic, North American dullard one with the differing shades of red & black I agree, but I've ALWAYS disliked the plastic goalie Lord Humongus mask that we got over here. I don't like that ask at all either BUT both do have a nice, old school pre-90s Exploitation look to them, one that Part V would have anyhow.

    I used to have a MAJOR cinematic hard-on for Part V as well as Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as a young lad though both have decapated a lot now that I am older---sort of hard to explain why, though *playful shrugs* I used to REALLY love te quirky & eccentric TC2 a lot more, thoughI still kinda do too. For Friday V I like some of the mena-spirited characters & death but I dislike its as-bad-as-Part 3D acting, some of the dialogue, a weak (though admittedly VERY smokin' hot) heroine in Pam Roberts (though in real like Melanie Kinnaman is a FABULOUS human being on Facebook--couldn't ask for a better person) as well as a very weak overall edit thanks to the MPAA assholes. But there is still old school Friday stuf to enjoy there, flaws & all. I just am not as much of a supporter as I use to be as a young lad--that one could have lost two or three deaths & we could have ha an extra six minutes running time & we soul have had a stronger movie to get to know some of the less obnoxious characters, I feel.

    Anyway, very interesting comparison ...

  2. This extends past horror and even 1980's teen sex omedies.

  3. I have the part 6 poster got it for 5.00. they spelled tom mathews name wrong so with the quick "plagiarism" i guess spellcheck was forgotten!

    1. Thom Mathews name is not spelled wrong in the poster.