Friday, March 15, 2013

Part II Location

The stairwell
Here are some photos of the Part II shooting location in Kent, Connecticut. This location was demolished a handful of years back and from what I was told, new homes were built in its place. So the "now" text should be "2008." More of these photos from Tony Urban  are on the F13thFranchise site.

I recovered this images from my external hard drive and thought I would re-post them since I removed the previous posts where the images were now gone. My ImageShack account was closed and most of the images on this blog were also lost.

Alice's house
The bathroom
Running to Ted's
Mark's cabin
Outside the main cabin
The deck of the main cabin
The road
The lake


  1. As a big Part 2 fan, I would've loved to have visited the campgrounds before all the familiar structures were torn down. Sucks that'll never happen now. Still, very cool to see these photos and what it looked like shortly before that happened. Thanks for sharing Jack.

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 15, 2013 at 5:56 PM

    Whoa, Jack man: VERY tres cool, mon ami!

    I'll have to check out the franchise site's official modern photos of filming locations. Part IV's Jarvis family cabin was pretty well shot by the crew of HNWJ back in early '09 and so I'm happy with that one.

    I'm honestly not a HUGE Exploitation film lover but I do own Mier Zachi's I Spit on Your Grave on Blu Ray and aside from a just plain gorgeous trasfer & great Joe Bob Briggs commentar trac porter over, I LOVE its quiet, rural county filming locations. I feel that greater North America --as well as most of the free world, such as it is-- has some type of abrasion to "rural, country bumpkin" counties.

    BUT, I truly believe that it i how God intended us to live--more spread out & less crowded and much less urban congestion. Yes, living out in the sticks DOES have its desadvantages, but if i ever buy a home with my patent oney next year or the yer after it would be clse to a retirement community out in the country.

    These are great shots. I REALLY wish that one of us richer fans had bought that locale when it was up for sale on eBay but alas, such is life. Alice's house looks remodeled & looks very cool.

  3. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 15, 2013 at 8:03 PM

    Bloody wrote:"As a big Part 2 fan, I would've loved to have visited the campgrounds before all the familiar structures were torn down. Sucks that'll never happen now."

    Amen to that. Some of the first four Friday installments would have made GREAT additions to that retro Blu Ray & DVD special features collection entitled "Horrors Hallowed Grounds" hosted by that cool Sean Clark guy. Like you I love Parts 2 & 3 (both Steve Miner helmed sequels) & TFC a lot--that cant be stressed enough for the last two. And I it would have been grt if one of us fanatics could have afford that price on eBay years back.

    Alas it is real estate, and we all know that is some serious cash.

    By te way also of note: As we all know years ago, not less then two years after its filming, the Bar/Casino docked bar rural joint in which most of the counsalers hung out with in Part 2 burned down not long after filming. Also one of the "Lazerus" or however it is spelled ships from Part VIII also was totalled--playfully cursed from film making, perhaps? Whom knows ...

  4. end of an era thats for sure