Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fangoria #36 & Mrs. Jarvis Spoiler

Looking back at issue #36 of Fangoria I notice on the body count list #12 is Mom: drowned in bathtub. We all know that the scene where Trish finds her mother dead in the bathtub-- which did make it to the box set in the alternate ending-- never made it to the final cut of the film as per director Joe Zito's request.

For the longest time it was greatly debated what actually happened to her and there were rumors of her demise and a lot of people hinted towards Mrs. Jarvis being found in the bathtub dead (which a snippet of that scene can be seen in a trailer, but no Mrs. Jarvis).

Joan Freeman (Mrs. Jarvis)
According to this article, the movie was still being edited as it was written so it makes sense why her death is on the list. We all know that she dies, just in later articles it was always written that she died offscreen. Also notice that it says that Terri was killed while riding her bike. It also says that Tina was "defenstrated," which literally means "to throw someone out of a window." Odd use of words, and no I didn't look it up. I actually knew the meaning from a Wesley Willis song.

Here are some more spiffy images from the Fangoria #36.

SFX team watches Jason's demise
Bruce Mahler (Axel) tests the hacksaw prop
Notice the platforms under Glover's feet
A very bloody Axel


  1. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 12, 2013 at 9:10 PM

    Ah very cool!!! Its been almot a full two years now and a a big time retro slasher & Giallo film fanatic & collector, i ued to love re-looking over my first half of the '80s issues back when most months of the year had a genre release fresh in theaters.

    Personally I'm glad that Mrs. Jarvis' demise was always offscreen for a future & potential reveal; I mean its worked in the franchise before with Shelly's slashed throat & such, ect.

    And yea I used to love the Wesley Willis Fiasco. I used to own three Willis CDs and I had a somewhat exploitive DVD documentary on his life made when he was still alive called Weley Willis: The King of Rock N Roll or sometin'. It was mildly amusing to see him go into a geter Chicago land Kino's to type up the word to his BEastiality song. Its also too bad the late great Boston/New Jersey area comic & opie & Anthony show regular Patrice ONeal is no longer alive since 2011. Sure he probably never would have played Wesley but he would have made a GREAT Wesley Willis. any do not know that many from Henry Rollins on down to Alternative Tenticles Records founder Jello Biafrio LOVED & SUPPORTED Wesley back when he was alive.

    Very cool guy. I always dug the two 'Best Of' collections that I had plus his Fabian Road Warriar on. I have an Ipod Nano now and I got two Wesley songs on there.

    And yeah, "defenstrated" is quite the odball phrase/wording, and yes apparently it does exist. And I still love & support TFC, but I do fee that as the film goes on it suffers from a rushed editing situation as well as some of the usual not-up-to-par writing jobs of these barely 94 minutes or o features, ect. I never really liked Sara's quickie a kill & from the commentary Joe Zito was never too hot on it either. And soe of the editing during the final two reels or so worth of footage is really oddball. And I never liked Jason climbing all the way onto the ledge to kill the other attractive English twin Tina, but it also oddly enough works if that makes any sort of sense.

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