Monday, March 4, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Part II: Crazy Ralph

A still of some of the cut footage from Part II

A behind the scenes shot of Ralph and Annie


  1. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 4, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    Ah very nice!! Supposedly A LOT of great stuff from Carl Fullerton that looked even better then Savini's FX got cut thanks to MPAA imposed cuts. I've always wondered how his work looked like. I'm sure he did a fine job.

    That first shot of the extra blood flow from the garroting looks fabulous, and that second one from the first film looks like good playing aroun.

    Look over tht recent Amy Steel photos e-ail that I atached stuff to and sent to you. I found a VERY Rare Amy Steel & Walt Gorny shot in there and I immdiately sent it to you. :)

    I'm currently working on another early Friday franchise actress to save photos f to send toy ou over time but I am takin my time; I REALLY wanna find some more rare stuff. :) I have three names in mind so far. Wish me luck! Heh heh

    1. I have seen that pic of Steel and Gorney. It's awesome... I think the F13 website has it posted with their watermark across it.

      I have several rare pics that I am afraid to post because then some other site will claim them since my blog is the lesser known.

    2. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 4, 2013 at 8:09 PM

      Yeah I saw that and I was like "Whoa, my little search to help out my friend here has truly paid off!". Hmm I'm not sure but we'll have to double check. But yeah it was such a cool one. I heard that he was quite the character on set, staying in character & playfully spooking others, all in good jest & fun for the spirit & per mood. ;-)

      Seems like a really cool gentleman bac when he was alive...

      And I wouldn't be afraid to post anything rare my good man!! Holy hell we're all friends here & your loyal readers. Its all cool, I'm sure it won't get stolen as you think. :) I'm currently putting together the new rare batch oh photos for an actress from the early half of the franchise. You're gonna shit bro, its so cool. :D CHEERS!

  2. These pix are crasy!! I have never seen the bottom one and the top one looks like a snippet of the more uncut death pf Ralf!!

    Thanks for sharin!!

    1. There is a contact sheet out there with more frames from his death. it was on eBay and I lost the bid at $35.00. His hand grabs for Jason behind him. There were frame of his arm grabbing upward. Would have been very effective as a kill if it was uncut.

  3. that top one is great

  4. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 19, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    Indeed, Jack: It would have been a great, suitably icky one if it were longer & bloody.

    To be garroted with a large barbed wire is a sickening death in any form, cut or not. :)