Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ted White The Actor

Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974)

Starman (1985)

History of the World Part I (1981)

Mission Impossible (1970)

Silverado (1985)

The Rockford Files (1977)

The X Files (1998)

Kung Fu (1974)

The Wagon Train (1964)

Some really cool screen caps of Ted White (Friday the 13th: Part IV) as an actor. Obviously he is more known as a stuntman or should I say THE stuntman who played Jason Voorhees in The Final Chapter.


  1. Minor correction my good man: John Carpenter's excellant tear-jerker that I own on Blu Ray "Starman" was released in '84. I know because I'm holding m copy by my sie for referance now.

    Now that I am older I'm not too into ole Carpenter's work, however, I do enjoy Starman for the better grade of schmultz that is better written with great effects & above aveage acting. I also still love the first Halloween & him and the late geat Debra Hill's hand in writing Part II as well. The Fog has a nice atmosphere too.

    Back to the subject at hand: GREAT are photos, as per always! Ted is an older gentleman that fascinates me, and if he isn't that private I'd LOVE to ee a documentary about his work as stuntman & minor character actor for film & television in the future. He is a much older/retirement age gentleman now, and so he would have to be contacted within the net two or so year before his memory worsens.

    I really liked The Rockford Files pic that you shown here. You had an alternate one form years ago on your old, unvamped then site too. I believe in that episode he was a memmber of the American White National Socialist Nazi party of extremeists, correct? I believe as a VERY young ad in the later '80s I sw that in syndication, but I'm not fully sure. I only watched television as a young lad and then collectoed & sat through movies in a screening room of a theater as I got older as I didn't have the patience to be sedentary through commercials. Too much laying round isn't good for the human body, as ya know. ;-)

    Anyway GREAT pics!! So did you recently find the them with a Yahoo! Search or a Google Image search, or were they saved on an old harddrive? Anyway I just replied to you but I used the not-answered-as-often e-mail that you don't prefer. No worries: I just added your gmail.com name to my contacts & deleted the older not-checed-as-often one. :) I'm off to find you some more photos of some Final Chapter actresses soon; you'll see what I mean. PEACE!

    1. You are right; I'll correct it.
      Some are from search, some are ones I had (like the ones from Kung Fu, the Wagon Train (that episode is on YouTube), and Silverado.

  2. Ah so glad that I could help out my good man!

    By the way I recently found a fuck load of rare Camilla & Carey More (the hot English twins from The Final Chapter) pics if ya want'em for a future update. :)

    An dually noted about the web image searches & the YouTube videos as well too. Merci. :)