Thursday, February 14, 2013

Steve Vandeman, Paul Kratka's Stunt Double in Part III

Steve Vandeman doing a stunt in the movie The Hidden, April 22, 1987.  Vandeman is the stunt man who did Rick's fly-- multiple times-- through the living room window of the cabin in Friday the 13th: Part III.

Rick's stunt double Steve Vandeman  in Friday the 13th: Part III


  1. I love the beginning of The Hidden so much lol. That hilariously epic Shok Paris cut of "On Your Feet" coupled with the insane energy and frenetic action of the opening sequence is just goddamned fucking GLORIOUS lol. Chris Mulkey is the man and Steve did a great job doubling for him in this stunt sequence.

  2. Ah yes, very cool kinda underrated for what it is Jack Sholder flick. I also dug hus Alone in the Dark and Nightmare on Elm Street 2 for what it is.

    And yeah on the old cat reunion commentary track, which I still feel is the best of all of the Friday commentary tacks so far, by the way, even if The Final Chapter ones are decent/respectbile too, they made mention of just how many times that poor guy had to do it and just how much he was under-paid.

    Super sadly the stunt with an air-ramp kept going wrong & araye, and it was a mini disaster on set. Stuntmen & women are SO VASTLY underpaid in the film & television industry. :(

  3. Ha! how funny to find this. That's my dad.

  4. Ha! how funny to find this. That's my dad.