Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Part III Original Script Revisited

Andy, Debbie and Chris entering the cabin while Jason hides inside 
This is one of my favorite scenes of the original Part III shooting script-- though either cut from the film or never filmed-- it would have added a lot to the movie, I think. It puts Jason inside of the main cabin watching Shelly's activities after Chris and Rick realize someone has been sleeping in one of the rooms. Jason being inside of the cabin obviously pushes the fact that it was indeed Jason sleeping in the bed.

Chris in CLOSE SHOT, looks around the room, concerned about what she sees.
(calling out)
Derek, come in here!
WIDER SHOT inluding the whole room. The bed is a mess as if someone
had slept in it recently, the closets are open -- hangers on
the floor, some linen strewn about, the dresser drawers are pulled out and left hanging. Derek comes in paddles with little rubber balls attached by a long elastic thread.
DEREK Look what I found. Remember thes eHRIS (her attention focused elsewhere)
(looking around)
Did you stay here last night? DEREK No. I got here just before you did. CHRIS
dilocks and the Three Bears?
Somebody was in here. DEREK Go l CHRIS I'm serious. Doesn't this look a little strange to you?
EREK Don't get paranoid. I'm sure your
Chris begins straightening up the room, pushing in the drawers, etc. D parents left it this way last time they were here. You know how messy your father is. If there
was a phone here, I'd call them up right now. Derek moves over to help Chris make the bed. have an answer for everything, don't you? Derek shrugs his shoulders. DEREK (gentle but firm)
coming after you. That's no way
I just think that it's about time you stopped looking over your shoulder, always expecting there's someone to live. Chris looks at Derek thoughtfully, but unconvinced. They finish making the bed in silence. CUT TO: EXT. LAKE / COTTAGE - DAY
m each other, in the midst of a beer chugging contest. Der
Several six packs of empty beer bottles line a picnic table which is further cluttered with half-eaten sandwiches and the usual array of picnic goodies. Shelly and Vera sits across fr oek, Andy and Chuck sit on either side Shelly, encouraging him to victory. Chris, Chili and Debbie, on either side of Vera, do likewise. Vera downs her next bottle with apparent ease. Shelly balks as another beer is thrust in front of him.
accomplishment is met with a p
SHELLY (nauseous) No more... I can't! ANDY Yes, you can. Come on, Shelly! Shelly relents and suffers the beer as it goes down. The at on the back. Vera, too, hesitates for a moment then chugs her beer, this time more slowly and with a degree of difficulty. Tipsy, Shelly rises to his feet. SHELLY (as if in control)
at you? SHELLY grabs his
If you'll all please excuse me... Shelly picks up his small black suitcase and walks off on wobbly legs. ANDY (yelling after him) How could you let her b emouth and runs past the house into the outhouse, slamming the door behind him. The SOUNDS of Shelly vomiting can be heard. INT. OUTHOUSE Leaning over the hole, Shelly wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Weakened and defeated, he sits down and leans his
ond- floor window where a shadowy figure (Jas
head back against the wall, closing his eyes. An OMINOUS TONE enters the SOUNDTRACK... From behind Shelly, the CAMERA MOVES past him and LOOKS OUT from the heart-shaped venthole carved in the door. From this distant vantage point, WE CAN SEE up to a se con) looks down from behind a sheer curtain. SHELLY opens his eyes and listens to the others by the lake, having fun without him. He stands up and OUT OF FRAME. EXT. OUTHOUSE Shelly comes out of the outhouse. Alone with his black
. Only the curtains rustle in the breeze.
suitcase, he starts for the front door of the house. The OMINOUS TONE returns to the SOUNDTRACK... The CAMERA CRANES UP to the second-floor bedroom window where moments before the shadowy figure stood watching. The figure is now gone from the windo
w The SOUND of the front door SLAMMING. Shelly is inside.
The next scene was when Shelly played the prank on Chris, playing dead inside of the closet.


  1. Whoa, very cool!

    So where at exactly, did you get ahold of this early screenplay draft?

    Woud have been cool indeed, but I guess the film maers instead decided to opt for Jason loitering in the barn instead since the shooting locale included that, anyhow. *shrugs playfully*

    Even still I agree, it would have been oddly cool, too. I wonder why it was never shot? Also it would have been interesting to see Vera & Shelly to try to get along a bit more, with that proposed six-pack chuging contest as well, too. Interesting to note that it makes a note of Shelly's "black suitcase" wherein the final film it always looked SO much like an old-timey charcocal colored lunchpal, to me. Anyone else???

  2. http://fridaythe13thfilms.com/bts/script3.html

    I think it was ditched because of length. Part III is a bit longer than most of the others, right...

    In the script Shelly wears thick glasses, too and they actually pick up Abel. They also cross the bikers before they get to Higgins haven, etc.

  3. Ah big thanks my good man! :)

    And yeah: Probably because of pacing & budgetary reasons. The film was already one of the longer shot films in the franchise with a little over twelve weeks of shooting, just as The Final Chapter was too, and plus there might've been other reasons too.

    I DO, however alway wish that that had ran into Abel as was originally shot. I dunno why that brief encounter was dropped in the final editing. And yeah in the old cast reunion commentary track, Larry Zerner taled about the orginally scripted Biker-Vs-Shelly-&-Vera-while driving encounter, dropped for budgetary reaons I believed & because of the worries about stuntwor, too.

    Also as ya alreay know that wasn't Richard Broker for the hanging. Yeah the Part 3-d backers REALLY worried about the stuntworkers insurance stuff, ect.