Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kimberly Beck in Alford Hitchcock's 'Marnie'

A cute-as-a-button Kimberly Beck (Friday the 13th: Part IV) in Hitchcock's Marnie (1964), who some may not know that she was a child actor whose first [un]credited role was in 1958's Torpedo Run at the tender young age of two.

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  1. Heh heh I like & respect how you write, Jac my good friend.

    Yes indeed she was cute as a button. I also found a lot of photos of her, both rare acting wise & also from more recent conventions over the years. I can e-mail'em to ya,if you so wish. :)

    Also did ya ever get my more recent reply, from a few days ago & get that whole Spam filter thing taken care of? I got a copy of the FRench language film The Twin (Le Jumeau en francais) tht can play both n my regionless Blu Ray player as well as on my MacBook, and over the months once I find some time rom my current profesion,I'm gonna try to make you some screen caps, like eight or nine very nice shots of them from the film or more, and I'll e-mail'em to ya. :D

    IT'll be a nice little treat for all of us Camilla & Carey More fans that love them as Tina & Teri from TFC. GReat post here once again my good man! :D