Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Beginning Killer Set Up

A Roy Burns shot in Part V
After watching Friday the 13th: Part V, A New Beginning the other day I payed close attention to certain scenes (more particularly the one's with Roy) to see if I could pick out subtle nuances with the character that was trying to hint at Roy being the killer. I have always said that without knowing that Roy is the killer it is literally impossible to tell that he was the killer or even was to be a suspect. Watching the movie as a child for the first time I did not suspect Roy, Tommy, Victor, Junior or anyone else. I suspected Jason.

Dick Wieand stated that the direction was indeed to try and give off hints that Roy was the killer and other than certain score cues by Harry Manfredini, I spotted a back shot of Roy that reminded me a lot of a shot in Part III when Jason was stalking Harold and Edna. There's actually a few times this shot of Jason is used in Part III, though. I am quite sure it was not intentional to shoot Roy at this angle to try and give a nod to the shots of Jason in Part III, but it sure did make me feel it.

Jason Voorhees watches Edna Hockett in Part III


  1. First time watching the movie I had no idea Roy was the killer, but AFTER you watch it the first time, there are little hints implicating the Roy

  2. I'm gonna go out on a limp here -- no joke, either -- the first time watching it, after the initial disappointment, I pretty much went back one more time & saw it all. I had little to no trouble myself, with my old mid '90s super shit VHS copy from Suncoast fucking piece of shit Video (fuck those over-charging bastards by the way), about the "who-done-it?" aspects to the film.

    It is somewhat interesting as it almost harkens back to the Giallo-like aspects of the first somewhat underrated installment from Sean Cunningham.