Monday, January 14, 2013

Todd Caldecott: Nutritionist, Author... Jason Victim!

Todd Shaffer aka Todd Caldecott

Todd Caldecott (Friday the 13th: Part VIII) (credited as Todd Shaffer) is now an author of at least three critically acclaimed books on nutrition and a Medical Nutritionist in Canada. Who would have thought the care-free prankster Jim from Jason Takes Manhattan had it in him!

Apparently Todd has a strong following of clients and runs a very successful nutrition blog. If you are into nutrition like I am, check out his site and his books.

I thought he was a pretty good actor; he was in the Mark Wahlberg movie Fear and played three different characters in the 21 Jump Street TV show including The Best Days of your Life, starring Brad Pitt and Tiffany Helm. If you have the seasons, look for him.


  1. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images.
    Maybe you could space it out better?
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  2. JC's site is one of the best there is and it's fine just the way it is. There's loads of content here that fans of this series have no difficulty connecting with whatsoever. The F13 fan community is actually incredibly lucky to have a site this comprehensive and informative. Troll your wares elsewhere and GTFO.

  3. Interesting find on this! I had no idea he'd gone on to this kind of stuff. He always makes me think of Jared Leto when I see him in JTM lol. I'll have to pull up that 21 Jump Street episode sometime, though my main interest would be because of Tiffany Helm being in it lol.

  4. To the poster up above:

    Fair enough. I can respect that. I personally don't mind his site layout, though. It is a LOT better then a lot of other Blog-like sites online. Though I can see what all you mean & 'ya got some valid points, too.

    As for Mr. Caldecott here: I am overly happy to see him leading a very healthy lifestlye with what appers to be good food & exercise. I was sedentary for several Depression years of my life. A lot of us with severe Asperger's Syndrome tend to suffer from it. I'm now MUCH more happier over the last six years or so of my life now that I've made a bit more money & have a life partner, too. I use to have a VERY overly negative out look on life and medicated myself with food an Coca-Cola products (haven't touched a cola/soda though since October of '05 proudly now, actually) and I am much more happier now that I work out six days of the week at a local retirement community YMCA-style gymnasiam establushment by my brother Erik's suburbanite golf course home that he owns & I also only have a once a month or two "Cheat Day" and in general I snack much less & after visiting a Dietritian years ago now eat generally much healtheri meals.

    I know that I was in more piss-poor health years ago but I made less money, had no fiancee and in generally didn't like life as much, but I started socializing more both over the net with my Skype & e-mail ePals/penpals & also in my own life as well, too. It's not always overly easy with my Syndrome but I alays put the best foot forard now & try to be the Southern Gentleman/overly kind lad that I am.

    Life is what 'ya make of it and I've tried to be a lot healthier over the last six-goin'-on-seven years now. :) Not to toot my own horn and the like or to sound overly boastful but I just I just found the inner cheer inside.

    And good one him because while I love the greater North American continent, I've traveled a lot over the past decaded now, both to Mexico and to both sides of Canada (Francophonic & Anglophonic) and our entire continent indeed needs to start taking better care of itself. I'm sorry but while we have some truly great things about ourselves, it is true.

    Of course the raising poverty lovels -- though not NEARLY on the levels of Sub Saharan African countries or a lot of the South/Latin American ones and the Southeast Asian ones -- has a lot to do with it. Let us be perfectly honest:

    Buying cheaper low quality food here in greater N. America is NOT a good thing & has led to a nutritional problems among our poor that live right at the poverty line or just below it, ect.

    I am talking about the real things that make life easier in the States are expensive & unattainable for a lot of the poor working class people; healthcare, housing, higher education, retirement (ect). Instead people just have more money to buy junk made from the third world instead & that includes badly made cheap/processed food. Okay rant over! Appologies. :D

  5. You tell'em about being a Troll now, Bloody. Heh heh :D

    I've been enjoying the few posts of yours that I've read on here, by the way.

    Respect. ;-)

  6. Hey guys, the 'Anonymous' poster is clearly a spambot.

  7. To Dusk: I was about to say the exacy sme thing. I do not know why his comments keep getting approved as well, too.

    Boggles the mind. *shrugs*

  8. Who runs this place and how do you contact them anyways? Some company wanted me to review some Friday merch a while back but wouldn't send the stuff to me because I'm not in the States (cheap bastards). Thought this joint might be a better fit for 'em (I don't even cover merch anyway) but couldn't find an email address.

    1. Hey, I do. my contact is

  9. Was merely wondering: Where are you from originally, Dusk? Mainland Europe? Great Britain? Repubic of Ireland? Asia? Commonwealth of Australia? New Zealand, stationed in Japan? ect ...

    Its not to meet you, by the way. :)

  10. Thanks Ole J.C. - didn't know you and scabboy were one and the same.

    Brandon, I'm in Australia and always have been save for some special trips to USA in the 00's.

  11. Oh I see. Yeah Australia---I have a nice Filipina-Australian friend from there. She is a native of Brisbane, Queensland though she wishes she lived in or right outside of Melbourne. She is currently on an overly long holiday in Europe for the next several weeks.

    Its nice to meet ya! :D So are you the same 'Dusk' poster/uploader that used to contribute to Retro Slashers as wel as the ole Friday the 13th films dot com Blog featurette site? Was merely wondering. :) PEACE.

  12. Hey Brandon, your friend sounds cool, because yes, Melbourne is the place to be. No question about that!

    Yep I'm that Dusk - I own Retro Slashers and Friday the 13th Films.

  13. Yup: Over time she either wants to go to Melbourne or a nicer North American city or back to Europe with one relative, ect. I woudn't wanna live in Autrlaia but I wouldn't mind visiting. I've been all over North America so I am ready for Europe & Asiane xtn i my life holiday visits wise, once I have enough retirement money in hand.

    And dually noted about your identity--its nice to meet ya, once again.:D