Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy #87 Ted White!

It's widely know that Ted White was the oldest actor to have portrayed Jason Voorhees when he took the role in 1983 to be behind the mask in Friday the 13th: Part IV. Even at an older age (57) he put on the hockey mask and kicked ass, performing (as far as I know) every stunt in the movie.

Today, January 25th, is Ted White's 87th birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. White!

    And whoa, me & him were born fairly close togeher, quite actually. I am turning 30 years of age on the 28th here in less then two more full days. I'm not trying to inentially bring that up on purpose but that is kinda cool in my book that were were born so close together. Neat. ;-)

    Anyhow: I quite enoyed that new online articale ha I got to click on here from him. I'd LOVE to see an extended Jason-centric though also focused on his pat stuntwork as well too & television apperances over the years with him sitting down for an hour or ninty minutes or so to tal to a genre journalis with a YouTube page or somethin'. I just now noticed tonight the writer of he one that you posted made a note at he bottom of her blog that sadly she had to cut out over (well over, actually) have of wha he said as he tended o go off on these ineresting tangets that don't have to do with his career in the motion picture business.

    That is too bad as I quite waned to hear them myself. He is neck-&-neck most years hands down by second favorite Jason only barely (and that is only barely now, for like two full reasons) with much less cool-off-screen Richard Brooker's Jason portrayal. I too thought it was cool ha he was so close to 60 years of age when he took on that role as well as I beeive the very lovely & valuptuous Kimberly Beck was supposed 31 on set when she played a girl in her late teens still living at home--interesing on both accounts.

    And yeah as Joseph Zito noted in the slasher scenes outtakes commentary Ted took "major beatings" on behalf of the film and he helped the film "temendeously" in Zito's ad others eyes. I still like Ted's super-pissed off from having been put down then in the storyline recently twice performance, plus his running after the resourceful heroine and with acting lie Richar, such as making the choice between Tommy Vs. Trish.

    LovE that shot screencap up there. Sure, it inda sucks that quite obviously they didn't mae it look like his eyes were hydrosophalic as Jason should have been, but I always loved that shot with the damaged over 24 hours hockey mask. Especially he nose, now that I'm older. I dunno but I always dug little "used reality", not so new/clean & sparkly lil' moments in the franchise like that. :D

    1. The eye looks like a last second thing that Savini added for the close up. Looks fake. In some shots Jason has both of Ted's eyes.

  2. By the way: Does anyone have Mr. White's e-mail address? He able about geting e-mail daily from his fans & him greatly apprechiated it.

    I'd love to be able to wish him a happy belated birthday & to say how much I've liked his numerous cinematic apperances over the years, especially of course Jason (natch).

    1. I knew one he had LONG ago. I can search it in my "sent" box. Maybe I still have it from 2005, haha.

  3. A big thanks, bro. Seriously. :)

    And yeah his eyes is visible both as he lunges afer Trish in the upstairs of the crummy summer rental house across from the fine Jarvis cabin, shown clearly in the moon lite. Also it i visible ALL through out he rish Vs. Jason mini figh with the film's resourceful heroine as well, too.

    I sill like Ted A LO. No lie. I jus wished tha they had more time to edit beter for he final two reels worth or so on TFC. Basically what happened was tha Frank Mancuso Senior saw an opening where the film could open up merely weeks unstead of the final half of the year within only wees of when they finished up shooing.

    So basicaly yeah, the editing of the film suffered a lot. I still love it a lot, flaws & all. Its always & forever in my top hree Friday's of all time. I still love it so. I just wish tha if the film was much more logicl then it could have went as originally scripted & planned for the very atractive African-American paramedic & the fellow Caucasian paramedic to have an ambulance mechanical break-down and for them to be slain while in a more esolate road with not much traffic.

    Tha way the film wouldn't have more gaps in logic flaws (such as Jason NOT having his clothinng cut off whenever he is taken to he cold room--I know that it is too "real" and gruesome but hey, its gonna happen to all of us folks--we're mortal & we gotta deal with i *grumble*) and for him o do those awesoely sick deaths to the amusing Axel & the brunete nurse (Lisa Freeman from the firs two Back to the Future films). If there was no gloves used as shown and blood all over the fucin' joint from using a surgical hacsaw (though what a great onscreen deah, eh? SUCH a sick way to go...) and for the scalpel gutting, then two people as described later on shouldn't merely be described as "missing".

    I still love TFC, flaws & all, but shit such as Gordon the pet dog and some of the usual bad teeny-bopper of its very early '80s era john Hughes style dialogue bothers me, as well as he unusal comic relief (the bed braking as ina & Jimbo get ready to fuck or "shag"), and a lot of the particular bad fashions that the lameoid wardrobe department had in it's limited budget (in particular all of the men's more feminine mom jeans style short-shorts' and many of the ass-sucing hairstyles & the like that they make-up department put on the otherwise VERY lovely ladies, ect).

    I still love it a lot, though--just wish tha the editing & such was a bi tighter. Its still one of he better of the Friday franchise, taken as a whole. And a big merci becoupe for looking over for Ted's e-mail! I shal aait it if oyu can find i. You're too kind to me Jac! I also recently e-mailed you a litle somethin' as I can see tha we've both been on a Final Chapter kick sort of as of lae. You'll see as I know you like checking up on the older Friday franchise actors/actresses other credit as well as I do.

    Some of 'em have done some quite underrated work both on the stage as well as film & television and hey desurve respect. :)

  4. Well now Mr. White today I am officially catching up with ya: I am 30 years of age today. Grumble grumble. :D

    Ah well I sill got some ecades to go I suppose. ;-)

    1. Happy birthday... I am 36, though, haha.

  5. Oh thanks man, I just saw your reply here! heh heh ;-)

    As for what we did: I must say that for the almost three hours that we were out eating pizza at Johnny's Pizza I was a happy lad. I got a nice brand new IPod Nano & already put ITunes on it last night wih my brother Erik's help; got several new Blu Ray movies that I picked out lst night at Best Buy (including the fine new underrated Three Musketeers with the lovely Milla Jovovich, Ted, The Paperboy and The Amazing Spider-Man from last year, Sucker Punch and The Words with Zoe Saldana -- dunno if you liked any of those) and I also picked out some nice new solid-color clothing for myself at a near by shopping center and got some nice new dress show laces as well, too. :D

    It was all so much fun with my siser Lori, brothers Erik & Bobby and my nephews & nieces and even great-niece and great-nephew too as well. :D My great-niece Brylie blew out my candles three times and we let her. She had so much fun.

    Anyway stay cool my dearest friend! and no worries, 36 is still a very young dude. You'll due fine! Heh heh!:D

  6. ted was fun when I met him

  7. Still the best Jason ever IMO. I love Richard's truly defining performance too, but Ted just killed it in the next outing. Such intensity, ferocity and all-out menace. He may have only done the flick for a mere payday, but the real payoff was for the fans. Getting an experienced stuntman with the right kind of body language really made all the difference. There's just a perfect sense of escalation in the way Ted performed JV in TFC. He's had enough bullshit from dumb kids acting a fool in his woods and some more people are gonna DIE TONIGHT! Ted White is the goddamned man. Happy 87!

    And happy 30th Brandon! It's all downhill from here! LOL, I keed keed. ;D

  8. Heh heh you're too funny there, Bloody. :D I see.

    Well I am not to depressed, tough I think turning fifty plus WILL bother me in some years down the road. But we'll burn that bridge once we get there, as they say. *wins*

    And yeha I REALLY dig both performances from Parts 3 & IV: Richard for the sculking around the set and for his superior make-up plus the cleaner mas & grunting and fine slasher movements. While indeed, Mr. White just plain does an odly mighty good job at actin' overly pissed off at all of the ills, operating operatically mean-spirited for nearly all of the. And I, too, had always invisioned that he indeed was tired of the then early '80s teens in ba street clothes as we would all have to wear bac them, sculking around his own rural private retreat community.

    What I find so darly amusing is that Mr. White seems mostly so overl kind & out going that whom knew that he ha it n his to play such an above-average, fitting old school pre self-referaial timeframe slasher villian? *playful shrugs* Major kudos to him, indeed.