Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scott Goldberg's "Loss Of Hope" strarring Paul Kratka

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For those fans of Friday The 13th Part III, much like myself, should dig this. After Friday The 13th Part III Paul Kratka pretty much quit acting and focused on a career in medicine. About 6 years ago an up and coming director by the name of Scott Goldberg put in in a few of his shorts including the the visual political zombie movie called The Day They Came Back. Many years later Paul still works with Scott and has proven to be a very versatile and great actor. Loss Of Hope is another in the line of many great shorts from Scott Goldberg who pretty much does everything himself- including steadycam and movie editor.

Please take a look at Loss Of Hope, one of his new films. By frame one you get the impression that Scott is the real deal and unlike a lot of young directors/directors of photography, Scott knows his way around a camera and knows how to create an atmosphere and film it. It goes to show you that you can make a great looking film with a DV camera (and 35mm adapters).

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